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Study Maritime History of India 1500 1800 Overseas Trade and European Trading Companies M.A Subject Curriculum

Maritime History of India (1500-1800): Overseas Trade and European Trading Companies
Unit I Portuguese trade in India at the end of the sixteenth century, the structure of Indian Maritime trade at the turn of the 16th century, Main features of the 16th century in the history of the Indian ocean, Arrival of the Dutch in India-Rise of the Port of Publicat- VOC and Batavara, Joint Stock Company of nature merchants in publicate other places on the coast, Dutch trade in textiles, Arrival of the Dance in Jranquebar in 1611, Arrival of the English in Madras in 1639, Arrival of the French in Pondicherry in 1674.

Unit II Relations between the Kingdoms of Madurai, Thanjavauor and Sethupa this, Indo-Dutch Rivalry, Anglo-French Rivalry, Exports from Coromandel to Europec, Dutch trade with China , Japan of Coromandel, Capture of the Portuguese settlement by the Dutch between 1655 and 1662, Capture of Melaka and the rise of the Dutch.
Unit III Relations between the Mughals, Bijapur and Golconda Sultans and the Marathas, Revenue farming, Portfolio Capitalists, Merchants, Brokers, Dubashis and Interpreters of the European trading Companies- Kasi, Veeranna, Achutappa Chetty, Sungurama Chetti, Periyathambi Maraklayar, Ananada Ranga Pillai, Khamchand, Viji Vohra and Mathura Das.
Unit IV Dutch trade in Kochi and the Kingdom of Travancore, Potuguese in Goa and Dutch English trade in Bombay, Social and Tellicherry, French trade in Pondicherry, Karaikal, Trade in Masulipatnam and Balasore, Trade in Hughli, Malda, Kassimbazar, French in Chandranagoric Dances at Serapore, Urbanisation of ports, developments of the Hinterland wearing Centres, Migration of artisans to European Settlements, Impact of the European. Trading Companies on India.
Unit V Rise of the Port towns, Madras, Pondicherry, Calcutta, Tranquebar, Bombay, trade in Porta Novo, Masulipatnam, Cuddalore, Cochin, Surat, Goa, Chandranagore and Serampore. Commerce and Anglo-French Rivalry, Nawabs of Carnatic, Hyderabad of their relations with the European, Decline of the Mughal Empire. Indian merchants and trading pattern, migration of Indians, Slave trade, Exports to Europe by the English, French and Dutch, Carnatic war- Battle of Plassey, Battle of Buxar, Impact of the Company on Crown Administration.

MA Subjects

20th Century Historians and Historiography on Ancient India
Women in Indian History
20th Century Historians and Historiography on Medieval India
20th Century Historians and Historiography on Modern India
A Governance in Ancient India History of Ideas
A State Formation in Ancient India
Ancient Indian Historiography and Sources
Aspects of Economic life in Ancient India
Aspects of Economic life in Medieval India
Broadcast Journalism
Colonial Economy in Modern Times
Contemporary World
Ecology and Environment in History
Environmental Crisis and World Religions
Historiography in Medieval India
Historiography in Modern India
History of Ideas in Medieval India
History of Ideas in Modern India
History of Indian Diaspora
History of Modern South East Asia
History of non European World Indigenous societies of Africa USA and Australia
History of non European World Indigenous societies of Central Asia and West Asia
History of South Asia Modern Nepal Sri Lanka
India Since Independence
Indian National Movement
Indian Nationalism
Intellectual History of China Japan
Major Currents in Historical Thought
Maritime History of India 1500 1800 Overseas Trade and European Trading Companies
Maritime History of India Overseas Trade from pre Christian era to the end of 16th century
Modern Indian Political Thought Prominent Thinkers of India
Principles of History
Research Methodology and Historical Investigation
Science and Technology in Colonial India
Science and Technology in Medieval India
Science Technology in Ancient India
Society Culture and Religion in India from early times to 1200 AD
State and Governance in Medieval India
Tribal Histories of India
Women and Religion



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