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Study 11th STANDARD - Philosophy

Unit 1 : Methods of Natural and Social Sciences
Value of Science. Nature and aim of Scientific Methods: Difference between Scientific induction, and Induction by simple enumeration. Difference between methods of Natural Sciences and Social Sciences.

Unit 2 : Observation and Experiment 20 Pds.
Their Differences; fallacies of observation.

Unit 3 : Science and Hypothesis
The place of hypothesis in scientific method. Formulation of relevant hypothesis. Formal conditions of valid hypothesis. Hypothesis and crucial experiments.

Unit 4 : Mill’s methods of Experimental Inquiry
The method of agreement;
The method of difference;
The joint method of agreement and difference;
The method of concomitant variation;
The method of residue

Unit 5 : Nyaya Theory of Knowledge
General Survey – Prama, Pramana, Pramanya, Pratyaksa, Anumana, Upamana, Sabda LOGIC

Unit 6: The nature and scope of logic
What is Logic? Use and application of Logic. Difference between Truth and Validity

Unit 7 : Terms and Propositions
Definition of Term; Denotation and Connotation of Terms. Definition of Proposition and traditional classification of Propositions. Distribution of Terms. Relation between Propositions 12 Pds. Traditional Square of Propositions

Unit 8: Categorical Syllogism
Its definition: Rules of valid syllogism and Fallacies.

Unit 9 : Elements of Symbolic Logic
Value of using symbols in Logic Basic Truth-tables.

Unit 10 : Buddhist Formal Logic : Theory of Anuman 26 Pds.

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