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MBA-PGDM Important Questions

  what is main differeance between oranization behaviour and hrm
(class: MBA - Human Resource )    Compensation Management

  what is main differeance between oranization behaviour and hrm
(class: MBA - Human Resource )    Compensation Management

  select two service companies operating in your country that you are familiar with, and show how each of the the seven(7ps) of theservice marketing applies to a specific product produced by each firm,a people processing service and information processing service.
(class: MBA - Marketing )    Services Marketing

  Discuss different methods of manpower planning?
(class: MBA - Human Resource )    Manpower Planning & HRD

  what is contract? essential element of valid contract explian
(class: MBA - Common Subjects )    Business Law

  define risk & type of risk explian
(class: MBA - Finance )    Security Analysis & Portfolio Mgmt

(class: MBA - Common Subjects )    Managerial Economics

  What are the functions that HR attempts to fulfill in any organization
(class: MBA - Human Resource )    Strategic HRM

  What is corporate governance?
(class: MBA - Common Subjects )    Business Ethics & Corporate Governance

  relation between total product marginal product and average product.
(class: MBA - Common Subjects )    Economics (Micro)

  which concept state the marketing concept
(class: MBA - Finance )    Accounting & Finance for Bankers

  What is the difference between B2B and B@C?
(class: MBA - Marketing )    Business Marketing

  how to used to LPP simplex method
(class: MBA - Common Subjects )    Quantitative Techniques for Decision Making

  briefly  explain various methods of pricing policies.
(class: MBA - Marketing )    Business Marketing

  what factor influence customer satisfaction?
(class: MBA - Marketing )    Services Marketing

  how to use training material intelliginelty & effectively
(class: MBA - Human Resource )    Training Methodology & Evaluation of Training

  explain perssonnel selling
(class: MBA - Marketing )    Advertising & Sales Promotion

  interface between financial goals&financial strategy
(class: MBA - Finance )    Strategic Financial Management

  Define consumer Behaviour ?
(class: MBA - Marketing )    Consumer Behaviour

  What is CRM?
(class: MBA - Marketing )    Customer Relationship Management

  Write a complaint letter about inordinate delay in the supply of PCL office systems ordered by alliance company brigade road bangalore to bharath limited company mysore.
(class: MBA - Common Subjects )    Business Communication

  Little star garments, central commercial complex, jb nagar bangalore had placed order for supply of specified children garments to M/s Ragu brothers, coimbatur Tamil Nadu. The latter informed the former of its inabilities to supply on scheduled date due to shortage of raw material, transport and labour problems. it wishes to further time to execute the order. Draft a convincing letter
(class: MBA - Common Subjects )    Business Communication

  What is Surrender Value
(class: MBA - Common Subjects )    Business Communication

  What points should we consider while drafting letter to various government departments
(class: MBA - Common Subjects )    Business Communication

  What is meant by franko price
(class: MBA - Common Subjects )    Business Communication

  What is trade enquiry
(class: MBA - Common Subjects )    Business Communication

  What is bank draft
(class: MBA - Common Subjects )    Business Communication

  What is "Salutation"?
(class: MBA - Common Subjects )    Business Communication

  Briefly mention any two elements of a complaint letter
(class: MBA - Common Subjects )    Business Communication

  Define Communication
(class: MBA - Common Subjects )    Business Communication




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