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Mathematics 10th Syllabus Curriculum

Public International Law and Human Rights

1. Definition, Nature and Basis of International Law. Weakeness of International Law, Coditication and Development of International Law Relation between International Law, Municipal Law; Subjects of International LAw; Nationality,exterdition and Asylum.
2. States in general: Kinds of States and non-States entities; Acquisitons and loss of State territory; Territorial Water,continental Self,contiguous Zone, Exculusive economic Zone. Freedom of the High Sea and Pircay Recognition of States and Governments. Recognition of Insurgency and belligerency, de facto and dejure recognition.State succession; State Jurisdiction; Territorial sovereignty, Criminal Jurisdiction in International Law, Intervention.
3. Diplomatic agents, Counsels, Classification and Function of Diplomatic agents, Privileges and Immunities with reference to Vienna Convetion on Diplomatic Relation, 1961,Treaties, Definition, Basis,Clasification and formation of treaties, Interpretation adn revision of treaties, Priniple of jus cogens and pacta sunt servenda, termination of treaties, Vienna Convention on the law of treaties, Pacific and Compulsive means of settlement of International disputes. International Court of Justice-Jurisdiction and Conteribution towards development of International Law.
4. War,its legal character and effects, Enemy character,Armed conflicts and other hostile relations. Belligerent occupation, War crimes. Termination of war and doctrine of post liminium and Prize Courts.
5. The Law of Neutrality-Basis of neutraitiy-Basis of neutraitiy service,Rights and duties of neutral states, quasi-neautrality, neutrality and U.N.Charter,Right of Angary.Contraband,Blockade,Unneutral service,Right of visit and search.
6. International Institution: United Natons,History and formation of United Nations. Organs of United Nations with specific reference to General Assembly, Security Council and International Court of Justice.
7. Human Rights: Meaning, Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1940. International Covention Civil and Political Rights, 1966, International Conventions on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights 1966, Regional Conventions on Human Rights, Rights of Women and Child, Protection of Human Rights Act,1993.
Leading Cases:
1. United Kingdom v. Norway (Anglo-Norwegion Fisheries Case (ICJ) Report (1951) 116.
2. Civil Air Transport Inc. v. Centeral Air Transport Corporation, Judicial Committee of the Privy Council,(1953) AC 70.
3. Nuramberg Judgment-The International Military Tribunal-Nuramberg, 1964 41 AJL 1947,p. 12.
4. Re-Government of India and Mubarak Ali Ahmed 1952.1. AII ER 1960.
5. South West Africa Case, ICJ Report, 1966.
6. Right of Passing Over Indian Territory, ICJ Report, 1969 (6).



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