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Mathematics 10th Syllabus Curriculum

Legal Language/Legal D, Writing including General English

A. Vocabulary:
1. Use of legal phrases and terms (list of legal terms given below)
2. Pair of words.
3. One word substitution.
4. Latin Maxims (Listed below)
B. Comprehensive Skills :
1. Common Logical Fallacies.
b. Valid Rules of Syllogism.
c. Syllogistic fallacies.
d. Other types of Material or Verbal Fallacies.
C. Comprehension of Legal Texts : Reading materials. The prescibed leading cases.
• Composition Skills :
1. Use of Cohesive devices (Legal drafting).
2. Precise Writing.
3. Brief writing and drafting of reports; letters and applications.
4. Essay writing and topics of legal interest.
5. Varieties of sentence structures and verb patterns.
6. Translation (from English to Hindi and Hindi to English)
List of Legal terms which are relevant for L.L.B. students:

Abstain Accomplice
Act of God Actionable Accused
Adjournment Adjudication Admission
Affidavit Amendment Appeal
Acquittal Articles Assent
Attested Attornment Averment
Bail Bailment Citation
Clause Coercion Code
Cognizable Confession Compromise
Consent Conspiracy Contempt
Contingent Contraband Conviction
Convention Corporate Custody
Damages Decree Defamation
Defence Escheat Estoppel
Eviction Executive Exparte
Finding Floating charge Forma Pauperis
Franchise Fraud Frustration
Good Faith Guardian Habeas Corpus
Hearsay Homicide Hypothecation
Illegal Indemnity Inheritance
Bench Bill Bill of attainder
By-laws Capital Punishment Charge
Chattles Justiciable Legislation
Legitimacy Liability Liberty
Licence Lieu Liquidation
Maintenance Malafide Malfeasance
Minor Misfeasance Mortgage
Murder Negligence Negotiable Instruments
Neutrality Non-feasance
Notification Novation Nuisance
Oath Obsene Offender
Order Ordinance Overrule
De facto Discretion Distress
Earnest Money Enact Enforceable
Equality Partition Pledge
Preamble Pre-emption Prescription
Presumption Privilege Privity
Prize Process Promissory Note
Proof Process Prosecution
Proviso Ratify Receiver
Redemption Reference Regulation
Remand Remedy Rent
Repeal Res Judicata Respondent
In limine Insanity Institute
Insurance Intestate Issue
judgement judicial Jurisdiction
Justice Restitution Rule
Ruling Schedule Section
Settlement Sovereignty Statute
Stay of execution Succession Summons
Surety Tenant Testator
Testatrix Tittle Tort
Trade Mark Treason Treaty
Trespass Trial Tribunal
Trust Ultra vires Undue influence
Usage Valid Verdict
Vested Violate Vismajor
Void Violate
Waiver Warrant Warranty
Will Writ Wrong
List of Latin Maxims
1. Ab initio (from the beginning)
2. action personal is moritur cum persona persona (Personal right of action dies with the person).
3. Actus curae neminem gravabit (an act of the Court shall perjudice no one.)
4. Actus non facit reum, nisi mens sit rea (the act of the Court shall perjudice no one).
5. actus non facti reum, nisi mens sit rea (the act itself does not constitute guilt unless done with a guilty intent.)
6. actus reus (wrongful act).
7. ad interim (in the meantime).
8. ad liteam (for the suit).
9. ad valorem (according to the value).
10. Amicus curiae (friend of the Court).
11. animus (intention).
12. audi alteram partem (hear the other side).
13. caveat emptor (buyer beware).
14. consensus ad idem (agreement by two persons upon the same thing in the same sense).
15. damnum sine injuria (damage without injury).
16. de facto (in fact).
17. de jure (in law).
18. de minimis non curat lex (the law does no account of the trifles).
19. decree nisi (a decree which takes effect after a specified period).
20. delegatus non potest delegare (a delegated power cannot be further delegated).
21. doli incapax (incapable in malice).
22. denation martis cause (gitf by a person on the death-bed).
23. ejusdem generis (of the same category).
24. eminent domain (the supreme rights).
25. ex offcio (by subsequent act.)
26. experte (not in the presence of the opposite party).
27. expost facto (by subsequent act).
28. factum valet (the fact which cannot be altered.)
29. fait accompli (an accomplished fact.)
30. ignorantia legis neminem excusat (ignorance of law is no excuse).
31. in pari materia (in an anologous case, cause or position).
32. injuria sine damno (injury without damage).
33. interst re publicate ut sit finis litium (it in the interest of the republic that there shuld be an end of law suit.
34. intra vires (within the powers).
35. jus terti (the right of a third party).
36. Lis pendens (pending suit).
37. mens rea (guily mind).
38. mesne profits (the profits received by a person on wrongful possession).
39. nemo dat quod non habet et eadim causa (no man be twice vexed for the same cause).
40. nemo degat bis vexari pro una et eadim causa (no man be twice vexed for the same cause).
41. nemo in propria judrex esse debet (no one ought to be a judge in his own cause).
42. nile prosequi (to be unwilling to prosecute).
43. Obiter dicta (an opinion of law not necessary to the decision).
44. onus prodbndi (the burden of proof)
45. pacta sunt servanda (pacts must be respected).
46. pendente lite (during litigation).
47. per capita (counting heads).
48. per incuriam (through inadvetance or carelessness).
49. per incuriam (through inadvertance or carelessness).
50. planum dominium (full stocks).
51. pro bono publico (for the public good).
52. ratio decidendi (grounds for decision, principles of the case).
53. res gestae (connected facts forming the part of the same transaction).
54. res ipsa loquitur (the thing speaks for Itself).
55. res judicata (a matter already adjudicated upon).
56. res nallius (an ownerless thing).
57. rule nisi (a rule or order upon condition that is to become absolute cause is shown to the contrary.)
58. status quo (existing position).
59. sub judica (in course of adjudication).
60. sui juris (on one's own accord).
61. suo motu (of ones own right).
62. ubi jus ibi remedium (where there is a right there is a remedy).
63. ultra vires (beyond the powers of ).
64. volenti non fit injuria (Risk taken voluntarily is not actionable).
Leading Cases:
1. State of Rajasthan v. Smt Kalbki & another AIR 1981 SC 1980.
2. Kuljeet Singh alias Ranga v. Union of India AIR 1981 SC 1572.
3. State of Maharashtra v. Champalal Punjaji Shah, AIR 1981 SC 1675.
4. Nand Lal Bajaj v. State of Punjab and another AIR 1981 SC 2041.
5. Smt. Jewanti Pandey v. Kishan Chandra Pandey, (1980) SCC 517.



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