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Mathematics 10th Syllabus Curriculum

Law Relating to Criminal Procedure, Juvenile Justice and Probation of Offenders

1. Preliminary:
a. Object Extent and Definitions (Chapter 1).
b. Duties of Public.
iii. to assist police and Magistarate
iv. to give information about certain offences (Chapter IV Ss 37 to 40)
2. Criminal Courts:
. Territorial Division and Classification.
(Chapter II, Ss. 10, 14, 15, 19, 22, and 23).
a. Powers (Chapter III, Ss. 26 to 31).
Pre-Trial Procedures
a. Process to compel appearance (Chapter VI).
b. Process to compel Production of things (Chapter VII).
c. Arrest of Persons (Chapter V).
d. Information to the Police and their powers of Investigation (Chapter XII).
e. Bail (Chapter XXXIII).
f. Jurisdiction of the Courts in inquiries and trials (Chapter XIII).
g. Maintenance of Public Order and Tranquility (Chapter X).
1. Jurisdiction of the Courts in inquiries and Trials, (Ch.XIII).
2. Complanits to Magistrates and Cognizance of Offence (Chapter XV and XIV).
Charge (Chapter XVII)
a. Types of Trials:
b. Trial before Court of Session (Chapter XVIII).
c. Trial of Summons and Warrant Cases (Chapter XIX and XX)
d. Summary Trials (Chapter XXI).
e. Judgment (Chapter XXVII).
a. Appeals (Chapter XXIX)
Reference and Revision (Chapter XXX)
b. Miss. Provisions
i. Period of Limitation (Chapter XXXVI).
ii. Irregular Proceedings (Chapter XXXV).
iii. Autrofois acquit and Autrofois convict.
iv. Legal Aid to accused at State expenses (S. 304)
v. Pardon to an accomplice.
vi. Saving of Inherent Powers of Hight Court.
vii. Maintenance of wives, Children and Parents.
Juvenile Justice Act.
Probation of Offencers Act.
Juvenile Justice Act 5000
Definitions-Competent authorities and instutions for guveniles Neglected Juveniles, Delinquent Juveniles Procedures of competent authoriies special offencees in respect of juveniles.
Probation of Offenders Act, 1958:
Definitions-Power of Court to release cartain offenders after admonition on probation of good conduct-Power of Court to require released offenders to pay compensation under twenty one years of age, Variations of conditions of probation, Probation in case of Offender failing to observe conditions of bond, Provision as to sureties, Probation Officers Duties of Probation Officers.
Leading Cases:
1. Tahsildar Singh v. State of Delhi, AIR 1955 SC 196.
2. State of U.P.v. Singhara Singh, AIR 1964 SC 359.
3. Nisar Ali v. State of U.P., AIR 1957 SC 336.
4. Purshottam Das Dalmia v. State of West Bengal,AIR 1968 SC 1589.
5. State of Andhra Pradesh v. Ganeshwara Rao,AIR 1968 SC 1050.
6. Satwant Singh v. State of Punjab, AIR 1956 SC 286.
7. Pritam Singh v. State of Punjab,AIR 1956 SC 415.



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