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English - CBSE 10th Grade Standard Syllabus



English Communicative

Code No. 101



One Paper 3 Hours 100 Marks

Section Marks

Reading 20

Writing 30

Grammar 20

Literature 30


SECTION A : READING 20 Marks 40 Periods


Two unseen passages with a variety of comprehension questions including 04 marks for word-attack skills such as word formation and inferring meaning in the longer passage of 12 marks.


1. A factual passage (e.g. instruction, description, report etc.) or a literary passage (e.g. extract from fiction, drama, poetry, essay or biography). The passage will be between 250-350 words in length. (In the case of a poetry extract, the text may be shorter than 150 words) 8 marks


2. A factual passage or a discursive passage involving opinion, (argumentative, persuasive or interpretative text). The passage will be between 400-450 words in length. Questions on word attack skills will be for 04 marks. 12 marks


The total length of the two passages will be between 650 and 800 words.



SECTION B : WRITING 30 Marks  63 Periods


The Writing Section comprises of four writing tasks as indicated below:

Questions 3 and 4 are Short compositions of not more than 50 words each - e.g., notice, 5 + 5 10 Marks message, Postcard



5 Composition based on a verbal stimulus such as an advertisement, notice, newspaper clipping, tabular data, diary extract, notes, letter or other forms of correspondence. Word limit : 150-175 words 10 Marks



6 Composition based on a visual stimulus such as a diagram, picture, graph, map, cartoon or flow chart. Word limit : 150-175 words 10 Marks


One of the longer (10 marks) compositions will draw on the thematic content of the Main Course book.



SECTION C : GRAMMAR 20 Marks 42 Periods


Question No. 7-11

A variety of short questions involving the use of particular structures within a context (i.e., not in isolated sentences). Test types used will include gap-filling, cloze (gap filling exercise with blanks at regular intervals), sentence completion, re-ordering word groups in sentences, editing, dialogue - completion and sentence - transformation.


The grammar syllabus will be sampled each year, with marks allotted for :

Verb forms

Sentence structures

Other areas


Note : Jumbled words in re-ordering exercise to test syntax will involve sentences in a context. Each sentence will be split into sense groups (not necessarily into single words) and jumbled up.


SECTION D : LITERATURE 30 Marks 65 Periods


12 and 13 : Two extracts out of three from different poems from the prescribed Reader, each followed by two or three questions to test local and global comprehension of the set text. Each extract will carry 3 marks. 3+3 6 Marks


14 One out of two questions (with or without an extract) testing appreciation of global or local comprehension of a poem from the prescribed reader. (50-75 words) 04 Marks


15 Two questions based on one of the drama texts from the prescribed reader to test local and global comprehension of the set text. One or two lines for each question if an extract is given. If an extract is not given, the word limit will be roughly 75 words. 04 Marks


16  One out of two questions from the drama texts based on theme, character, plot. (50-75 words) 04 Marks


17 One out of two questions based on one of the prose texts from the prescribed reader to

test global comprehension and extrapolation beyond the set text. (50-75 words) 04 Marks


18 One out of two questions based on the prose texts from the prescribed reader to

test global comprehension and extrapolation beyond the set text. (150-175 words) 08

Questions will test comprehension at different levels : literal, inferential and evaluative.


Prescribed Books/Materials

1. Interact in English — X Main Course Book Revised edition Published by


2. Interact in English — X Literature Reader Revised edition Delhi-110092

3. Interact in English — X Workbook Revised edition


Code No. 184

Examination Specifications


One Paper 3 Hours Marks : 100

Section Marks

Reading 20

Writing 20

Grammar 15

Literature 45


SECTION A : READING 20 Marks 30 Periods


Questions 1 and 2 two unseen passages of total 500 words with a variety of questions including 4 marks for vocabulary.


Only prose passages will be used. One will be factual and the other will be literary.

Passage 1 - 200 words (8 marks) - Four or five comprehension questions 8 marks

Passage 2 - 300 words (12 marks)-Four or five comprehension questions and two questions on vocabulary. Marks for vocabulary will not exceed 4 marks. 12 marks



SECTION B : WRITING 20 Marks 40 Periods


3. Letter Writing - One letter based on provided verbal stimulus and context. 8 Marks

Type of letter : Informal: Personal such as to family and friends.

Formal : Letter of complaints, enquiries, requests, applications


4. Writing a short paragraph on a given outline / topic in about 60 words 4 Marks


5. Composition : A short writing task based on a verbal and / or visual stimulus. (diagram, picture, graph, map,chart, table, flow chart etc.) Maximum words 80 8 Marks



SECTION C : GRAMMAR 15 Marks 45 Periods


Question No. 6-11

A variety of short questions involving the use of particular structures within a context. Test types used will include cloze, gap-filling, sentence-completion, sentence-reordering, dialogue-completion and sentence-transformation (including combining sentences). The Grammar syllabus will include the following areas for teaching:

1. Use of non-finites.

2. Sentence connectors : as, since, while, then, just because, just, until.

3. Clauses with what, where and how.

4. Past Tense.

5. Modals : can, could, may, must, might.


Note : All other areas covered in Class IX will also be tested in Class X as this is an integrated course for this area of learning.


SECTION D : TEXT BOOKS 45 Marks 95 Periods


First Flight - NCERT Textbook for Class X


Prose 20 Marks


12 & 13 Two extracts from different prose lessons included in Textbook (Approximately 100 words each) 5x2 = 10 Marks


These extracts chosen from different lessons will be literary and discursive in nature

Each extract will be of 5 marks. One mark in each extract will be for vocabulary. 4 marks in each

passage will be used for testing local and global comprehension besides a question on interpretation.


14. One out of two questions extrapolative in nature based on any one of the prose lessons

from Textbook to be answered in about 80 words. 6 Marks


15. One out of two questions on Drama Text (local and global comprehension question)

(30-40 words) 4 Marks


Poetry 10 Marks

16. One extract from a poem from the prescribed reader followed by two or three questions to test the local and global comprehension of the set text. 4 Marks


17. Two out of three short answer type questions on interpretation of themes and ideas contained in the poems to be answered in 30-40 words each. 6 Marks



Foot Prints without Feet - NCERT Supplementary Reader for Class X 15 Marks


18. One out of two questions from Supplementary Reader to interpret, evaluate and analyse character, plot or situations occurring in the lessons to be answered in about 100 words. 8 Marks


19. One out of two short answer type questions of interpretative and evaluative nature based on lessons to be answered in 30-40 words 4 Marks


20. One out of two short answer type questions based on factual aspects of the lessons to be answered in 20-30 words. 3 Marks


Prescribed Books

1. First Flight - Textbook for Class X Published by NCERT,

2. Foot Prints without Feet - Supplementary Reader for Class X Sri Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi.



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