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PAPER VI: INTERNET PROGRAMMING AND WEB DESIGN Subject Description: This Paper presents introduction to internet, HTML, Java script and Dynamic HTML. Goals: To enable the students to write programs for internet and to develop web applications. Objectives: On successful completion of the student should have:  Understood the internet.  Learnt HTML. Intermediate HTML and dynamic HTML  Learnt Java Script. Content:

Unit I
Introduction to computers and the Internet: history of the world wide web Hardware trends – The say software trend: Object Technology – Java Script: Object – based scripting for the web – browser portability. Introduction to HTML : Introduction – markup language – editing HTML – common tags – headers – text styling – liking images – formatting text with special characters, horizontal rules and more line breaks – internet and www resources. Intermediate HTML : Introduction – Unordered Lists – nested and ordered lists – basic HTML tables – intermediate HTML tables and formatting – basic HTML forms – more complex HTML forms – internal liking – creating and using images maps Tags, tags – internet and www resources.

Unit II
Java Script – Introduction to scripting: Introduction – memory concepts – arithmetic – decision making – java script internet & www resources. Java script control structures : If , if / else selection structure while, for do/while repetition structure – switch multiple – selection structure – break and continue Statements – Laballed Break and continue Statements – Logical Operators. Java Script Functions : Introduction – Program Modules in Java Script – programmer – Defined Functions – Functions – Duration of Identifiers – Scope Rules – Recursion – Recursion Vs Iteration – Java Script Global Functions.

Unit III
Java Script Arrays: Introduction – Arrays – Declaring and Allocating Arrays – References and References Parameters – Passing Arrays to functions – Sorting Arrays – searching Arrays – Multiple Subscripted Arrays. Java Script Objects: Introduction – Thinking about Objects – Math String, Data, bookan and Number Objects. Dynamic HTML : CSS : Introduction – Inline Styles – Creating Style Sheets with the Style Element – Conflicting Styles – Linking External Style Sheets – Positioning Elements – Backgrounds – Element Dimensions – Text flow and the Box model – user Style Sheets – Internet & www resources.

Unit IV
Dynamic HTML: Object model and collections: Introduction – Object Referencing – Collections all and Children – Dynamic Styles – Dynamic Positioning – using the Frames Collection – navigator object. Dynamic HTML : Event model : Introduction – event ON CLICK – Event ON LOAD – error handling with ON ERROR – Tracking the mouse with event ON MOUSE MOVE – Rollovers with ON MOUSE OVER and ONBLUR – more form processing with ON SUBMIT and ON RESET – event Bubbling more DHTML events. Dynamic HTML : Filters and Transitions : Introduction – Flip filters : Flipu and Fliph – transparency with the Chroma filter – Creating Images filters : Invert, Gray and x ray – Adding Shadows to Text – Creating Gradients with Alpha – Making Text Glow – Creating Motion with blur – using the Wave filter – Advanced filters : Drop Shadow and Light – Transitions I : Filter Transition II : Filter Reveal Trans. Dynamic HTML : client Side Scripting with VB Script : Introduction – Operators – Data Types and Control Structures – VB Script Functions – Arrays – String manipulation Classes and Objects – Internet & www resources.

Unit V
Active Server Pages (ASP): Introduction – How ASP Work – Client – Side Scripting Versus – Server Side Scripting – Using Personnel Web Server or Internet Information Server – Server – Side Activex Components – File System Objects Session Tracking and cookies – Accessing a Database form an ASP – Internet & www resources. CGI and Perl : CGI - Introduction to Perl – Configuring Personal Web Server or Perl/CGI – String Processing and Regular Expressions – Viewing Client/ Server Environment Variables – Form Processing and Business Logic – Server – Side Includes – verifying a username and password – sending E-Mail from a web browser – using ODBC to connect to a Database – cookies and Perl – Internet & www resources. XML : Introduction – Structuring Data – Document Type Definitions – Customized Markup Language – XML Parsers – XHTML – Internet & www resources.



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