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Study Management of Travel agency and Tour management MBA Subject


Meaning and functions of travel agencies and tour operation, growth and present status of travel agency, How to work as sub agent, working as a G.S.A. and P.S.A. Organization structure of travel agency and their profit and loss potential

STUDY - Tour and tour Operator:

Various types of whole sellers and operators, planning, costing, budgeting & marketing; Documentation formalities: passport, health, visa, foreign exchange allowances for business and holiday; International Travel passes- VUSA, GURAIL, GREYHOUND, DISCOVER INDIA etc; International Sale Indicators; International Time Calculator; Baggage Allowance, Airline codes; International Credit Cards; Travel Insurance-Mediclaim
Incentives availability to entrepreneurs in travel business, modalities and systems of recognition clearances and approvals for travel agencies and operators

STUDY - The Changing nature of travel business:

Introduction of high technology, managerial skill requirements and growing professionalisation.

MBA Tourism and Hotel Management Subjects

Airlines Management
Management of Travel agency and Tour management
Hotel Management
Introduction to tourism
Legal and regulatory Framework of tourism

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