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Study Introduction to Tourism MBA Subject



STUDY - Evolution and Growth of Tourism :

Historical perspective: co-relation between trade and travel, travel during Roman Empire and various evolutionary stages of tourism; Growth of World Tourism: Important trends and future prospects; Organization of tourism in India, Role Functions of NTO's Department of Tourism, ITDC, STDC, Tourism Policy of India.

STUDY - Conceptual Framework and Type of Tourism:

Meaning of travelers, visitors, excursionist, business travelers and tourism; Distinction between travelers and visitor, visitor and tourist; types; Domestic, Regional, Intra-regional tourism and international tourism; cultural, adventure, sports, social, convention, conferences, tourism, Linkages and inter-dependence between domestic and inter- national tourism.

STUDY - Motivation, Resources and Mobility for Tourism:

Motivation: Pleasure; education, cultural ethical; social, historical, religious, health, sports and business; Resources; Recourses and Mobility: Establishment of priorities, availability of resources, development strategy.

STUDY - Socio-Economic Benefits of Tourism:

Employment generation, Earning of foreign Exchange, National integration, Regional development, Patronage to handicraft and arts, International understanding and world peace. Cultural Exchanges and development of human relations.

STUDY - Tourism Promotion in India:

Fiscal and non-fiscal incentives for tourism, concessions granted by Central and State Government’s declaration and consequences of tourism as an industry.

MBA Tourism and Hotel Management Subjects

Airlines Management
Management of Travel agency and Tour management
Hotel Management
Introduction to tourism
Legal and regulatory Framework of tourism

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