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Study Hotel Management MBA Subject


The objective of this course is to familiarize students with evolutionary process of hotels as well as introduce them with various types of hotels that have emerged during last few decades during extraordinary growth of international and domestic tourism. The hotels are now managed scientifically and its operations have become more systematic. Students will learn these operational processes in this paper.

Origin and Evolution of Hotel Industry.
Types of hotel, hotel chains in India and abroad, classification of hotels with special reference to star ranking, heritage, hotels Ownership and Management, Franchises, Hotel and Airlines.
Relationship, Problems of hotel industry: Capital, Managerial, Manpower, Mechanization, Computerization.
Brief introduction to management and operation of front office. House keeping, Restaurant and Bar services, Food and beverage Services, Service for Conference, Conventions and Marriages.

MBA Tourism and Hotel Management Subjects

Airlines Management
Management of Travel agency and Tour management
Hotel Management
Introduction to tourism
Legal and regulatory Framework of tourism

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