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This course will attempt to familiarize students with various sectors of economy that are facilitating growth of tourism industry. Airlines are one of the most important sectors among other such key sectors. Airlines are considered as the backbone of international as well as domestic tourism, as it facilitates the movement of tourists from their homes to desired destinations. In

STUDY - Civil Aviation in India:

History, Present Scenario, legal and Regulatory Framework, aviation Policy and Planning

STUDY - Introduction to Infrastructural Requirements in Aviation:

Airports, Support Services, Maintenance set up, role of organization related to Civil Aviation-Ministry of Civil Aviation, DGCA, AAI, lATA, and ICAD.

STUDY - Airlines Feasibility and Planning:

Procedural Requirements, Facilities, Planning and Layout

STUDY - Establishing an Airline Company:

Organization and Structure. Operations, Marketing, Aviation Safety, Costing

STUDY - Relationship between Civil Aviation and Tourism:

Strategies for Development of Civil Aviation in India.

MBA Tourism and Hotel Management Subjects

Airlines Management
Management of Travel agency and Tour management
Hotel Management
Introduction to tourism
Legal and regulatory Framework of tourism

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