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STUDY - Management Support System MBA Subject


This course introduces students to the use of computer-based systems in support of managerial decision making in organizations.Topics include: evolution of management support systems; decision making and decision makers; modeling; development of DSS; data-, and model-management in DSS; organizational DSS; EIS; GDSS; data warehousing and mining; integration and implementation issues.

Overview of management support systems.Decision making and decision makers.
Introduction to decision support systems. Decision modeling

STUDY - Overview of DSS software. Spreadsheet modeling. Modeling with Visual DSS. Development of DSS.
Introduction to Data warehousing and development process:

concept, why, framework-options-developing. The business driven approach-requirements management control-development life cycle-development methodologies.

STUDY - Data warehousing applications:

CRM, SCM, Banking sector, insurance sector.
Group decision support systems. Enterprise/Executive information systems
Implementation, integration & impacts of MSS

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