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Study Database Management MBA Subject


This course has been designed to introduce the participants with applications of systems designed to manage the data resources of organizations. It provides the participants an opportunity to study the hands-on implementation of a data base in corporate environment.

STUDY - File System and Databases:

Introducing the database – files and file systems – database systems – introduction to database models – data base models and internet. The Relational Database Model: A Logical view of data – keys – integrity rules – relational database operators – relationships within the relational database – data redundancy indexes.

STUDY - Entity Relationship Modeling:

Basic Modeling Concepts – degrees of data abstraction – entity relationship model – converting an E-R Model into a database structure. Normalization: Database tables and normalization – normalization and data base design
Higher level normal forms – Denormalization.

STUDY - Structured query language:

SELECT Statement – distinct clause – handling of null values – ORDER BY clause, WHERE clause – relational operators – logical operators (AND, OR, NOT), SQL Operators – (BETWEEN, AND, IN, LIKE) – numeric functions – string functions – date functions – conversion functions – GROUP BY clause – group functions – HAVING clause – joining tables – SET Operators (UNION, INTERSECTION, MINUS) – Sub queries.

STUDY - Distributed database management system:

Evolution – distributed processing and distributed databases – distributed database management systems – DDBMS Components – levels of data and process distribution.

STUDY - Client server systems:

Client/server systems – need – evolution – managerial expectations – client/server architecture styles – client/server implementation issues – backend database connection – to front end application like Visual Basic.

STUDY - Object oriented databases:

Object oriented concepts – features of an object oriented DBMS – How object orientation affects database design – Advantages and disadvantages of OODBMS. Web based databases

STUDY - Database security and administration:

Database security – access control – GRANT, REVOKE – GRANT, REVOKE on views and integrity constraint – data as a corporate asset – the evolution of database administration function – The DBA’s managerial role.

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