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Study Total Quality Management MBA Subject


To introduce the students to the basic concepts of total quality management and how the focus of TQM has become so important for all companies in recent times.

STUDY - Introduction:

Concept of quality, Definition, Dimensions of quality, Evolution of TQM, Components of TQM, Developing quality Culture.

STUDY - Customer Focus and Satisfaction:

Meeting Customer needs and Expectations, Translating customer needs into requirements (Kano Model) using customer complaints.

STUDY - Philosophy of TQM:

Philosophies of Deming, Crosby, Juran and Taguchi, PDSA Cycle, Costs of Quality, Measuring quality costs, Criteria for Malcom Balridge Quality Award.

STUDY - Pre-requisite for TQM:

Quality Orientation, Leadership, Employee Involvement, Role of ISO9000 QMS , Organizing for quality.

STUDY - SQC/SPC Techniques:

Control charts for variables and attributes, Acceptance sampling, Process Capability studies, Six Sigma approaches, seven tools of SQC.

STUDY - Quality Function Deployment (QFD):

Building a house of Quality, Voice of Customers, applications of QFD.

STUDY - Quality by Design:

Production and product development tools, Taguchi methods, Design of Experiments, Orthogonal Arrays.

STUDY - Bench Marking:

Evolution, Process of benchmarking, Understanding current performance, Types of Benchmarking, issues in Benchmarking.

STUDY - Tools of TQM:

Management Tools, Design review, Pokayoke, Force field analysis, FMEA, FTA, DRM and 5S Principles.

STUDY - Strategic Quality Management:

Principles of Quality Management, Linking with strategic quality management process, TQM Implementation, Continual improvement/Kaizen Program, quality circles , roles of BPR.

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