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Study Product Planning and Control MBA Subject



To get acquainted with the basic aspects of Production Management. The course attempts to discuss various important planning, organizing and controlling aspects of Operations Management. Through text and case studies, this course prepares for a study of different operational issues in manufacturing and services organizations.
Section A
History and Overview of Production Management. Capacity Planning, Location Planning, Types of Production Processes. Layout Planning, Productivity Management, Deterministic and Probabilistic Inventory Management models, Purchasing and Warehousing. Methods Study, Motion Study and Work Measurement. Job Evaluation. Wage Incentive Schemes. Value Analysis
Production systems, type of production, Functions of production, planning and control, production procedure.

STUDY - Sales forecasting:

Nature and uses of forecast sources of data Forecasting techniques: Regression methods, Moving average method Exponential smoothing method etc., forecast errors, Adaptive response system. Bayesian method, the Box-Jerkins Model.

STUDY - Production order:

Process charts, Production master programme breakdown production order and preparation of various cards like job card, materials requisition from inspection card etc.

STUDY - Production -Planning:

for continuous, batch and job order production:. Capacity planning, planning models-static and dynamic.

STUDY - Scheduling:

Forms of Schedules, Loading and Scheduling, Basic scheduling problems: Flow production scheduling; job shop scheduling. Random order scheduling; product sequencing. Production control of processes and production activities. Cost control; Dispatching and expediting; Recording progress and feedback information in order to improve future planning.

MBA Operations Subjects

Logistics Management
Total Quality Management
Material Management
Operations Research
Production Planning and Control
Supply chain management MBA PGDM Operations

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