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Study Operations Research MBA Subject


?To provide a formal quantitative approach to problem solving and an intuition about situations where such an approach is appropriate. To introduce some widely-used mathematical models. The understanding of these models will allow the students to communicate with persons who run
them and to evaluate the results they present. To provide a tool that the students can use to solve management problems.

STUDY - Linear Programming Problems (LPP)-

An overview and scope of Operations Research, Introduction to Linear Programming (LP), Illustration of LP Problems, Formulation exercises on LP Problems, Graphical Method of solving LPP, Simplex Method, Unbounded ness, Multiple Optimum Solutions, Degeneracy and Cycling Problems, Artificial Variables : Big-M Method, Sensitivity Analysis, Duality Problem, Economic Interpretation of Simplex Tableau, Computer Software for Solving LPP. Special Types of LPP- Formulation of Transportation Problems, Sensitivity Analysis in Transportation Problems, Assignment Problem.

STUDY - Integer and Goal Programming Problems-

Formulation, Cutting Plane Method, Branch and Bound Method, Applications, Single and Multiple Goal Programming Problems.
Markov Chains, Queuing Theory, Concepts, Transition Probabilities, Steady-State Probabilities, Applications Dynamic Programming Problems

MBA Operations Subjects

Logistics Management
Total Quality Management
Material Management
Operations Research
Production Planning and Control
Supply chain management MBA PGDM Operations

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