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Study Material Management MBA Subject


While the principal objective of this course is to familiarise the students with various facets of materials management, the course has been designed in such a manner so as to bring the students closer to the advanced and recent techniques in materials management. It will develop the skills necessary in the present dynamic environment.
Section A

STUDY - Purchasing Process:

Purchasing Objectives and process, Types of Purchases, Types of Purchasing Strategies. In sourcing and outsourcing: Outsourcing decision process, Total cost analysis, Outsourcing Alternatives
Supplier evaluation selection and measurement: Identification of supplier sources, Methods of supplier selection, Methods of supplier evaluation, Supplier quality management, Supplier evaluation systems: ISO:9000. World wide sourcing: Overview of world wide sourcing, International sourcing process.

STUDY - Basic Inventory Systems:

Functions and types of Inventories, Measures of Inventory performance, Inventory Systems. Distribution Inventory Management: Multi Location Systems, Centralization of Inventories, Safety Stocks, Distribution Inventory System.

STUDY - Aggregate Planning:

The nature of the Aggregate Planning decisions, Aggregate Planning Defined, The Value of Decision Rules, Costs, Aggregate planning Strategies, Aggregate Planning Methods.

STUDY - Capacity Planning and Control:

Long Range Capacity, Medium Range Capacity Planning and Control, Short Term Capacity Planning and Control.

STUDY - High Volume Production Activity Control and Just-in-Time Systems:

The Production Environment, Controlling Continuous Production, Sequencing and line Balancing Methodologies, Relationship to Aggregate Planning, Batch Processing Techniques, Process Industry Scheduling, Just-in-Time.

MBA Operations Subjects

Logistics Management
Total Quality Management
Material Management
Operations Research
Production Planning and Control
Supply chain management MBA PGDM Operations

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