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Study Logistics Management MBA Subject


To give students an understanding that the problems and issues within the respective fields of logistics are invariably complex, and require clear reasoning and analysis, in order to derive an appropriate course of action. To incorporate and learn the critical elements of Logistics and Supply Chain Management processes.?

STUDY - Logistics Management-

Introduction, Nature and Concepts, Evolution; Supply Chain Management, Logistical Mission and Objectives; Components and Functions of Logistics Management; Integrated Logistics Management; Key Distribution-Related issues and Challenges and Strategic Logistics Management; Total Cost Analysis and Trade-off.

STUDY - Customer Service-

Introduction, Nature, Concept and Components. Customer Service Cost, Strategic Customer Service Management and Measurement. Impediments to an effective Customer Service Strategy.

STUDY - Inventory Management-

Introduction, Concept, types, Functions; Elements of Inventory Costs; Inventory Management under certainty, Managing Finished Products Inventory under Uncertainty, Strategic Inventory Management Tools and Techniques; Distribution Requirement Planning.

STUDY - Transportation-

Introduction, Functions; Elements of Transportation Cost, Modes of Transport, Multi-Model Transport, Containerization, Selection of Transportation Mode,

MBA Operations Subjects

Logistics Management
Total Quality Management
Material Management
Operations Research
Production Planning and Control
Supply chain management MBA PGDM Operations

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