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Study MBA - Services Marketing


Planning and implementing the marketing strategy for service products requires a different sort of approach, which is different from the traditional goods marketing. The objective of this course is to acquaint the students to the uniqueness of the services characteristics and its marketing implications. The intent of the course is to discuss measure and analyze several facets in the area of services marketing essential for the success of a service sector firm.
Section A

STUDY - Introduction to Service Marketing -

Understanding Service, The Nature of Service Marketing, Classification of service.

STUDY - Service Consumer Behavior -

Understanding Consumer Behaviors, Customer expectations & perceptions, managing & exceeding customer service exportations, Strategic for influencing customer perception.

STUDY - Strategic Issues in Services Marketing -

Market Segmentation & Targeting; Individualized Service and Mass Customization, Differentiation and Positioning of Services; Steps in developing a positioning strategy, Developing and maintaining demand & capacity.

STUDY - The marketing mix and services -

The marketing mix dements, Traditional marketing mix - Product, price place, promotion & communication services, and extended marketing mix – people, process physical evidence in services.

STUDY - Challenges of service marketing -

Developing & managing the customer service function, Marketing planning for service; Developing & maintain quality ill services, Relationship marketing

STUDY - Service marketing -

specific Industries, Tourism, Travel, Transportation service marketing, financial services; Education & Professional service, Telecom & Courier, Media Service

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Advertising Management
Services marketing MBA Marketing
Consumer Behavior and Market Research
Product and Brand Management
Sales and Distribution Management

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