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Study Consumer Behaviour and Market Research MBA Subject


At the end of the course it is expected that the students will be :?proficient and knowledgeable about the various disciplines contribution in understanding buyer behaviour in a holistic manner ?familiar with the advances in consumer research in deciphering buyer motivation, and behaviour (pre-purchase, purchase and post purchase), impact of social and cultural variables on consumption decisions ?equipped with frameworks to analyze consumers behaviour and use them in designing marketing strategies and in enhancing the effectiveness of marketing programmes

Consumer Behaviour – Identifying the customer and classifying customers. Key Determinants of Buyer Behaviour and a Framework of Buyer Behaviour-attitudes, motivation, and perception.

Family Influences on Buyer Behaviour. Reference Groups, Opinion Leaders and Social Influences. Social Classes, Social Stratification and Buying Behaviour. Cultural Influences on Consumer Behaviour.

Individual Determinants of Buyer Behaviour and Internal Processes. Understanding Consumer Motivation- Consumer Personality and Self Concept, Learning, Memory and Behaviour Modification.

Formation and Modification of Consumer Attitudes. Consumer Decision Process – Pre purchase Issues.

Introduction to Marketing research- Nature & scope of Marketing Research, Functions of marketing research, Manager - Research Relationship, Managing Marketing Research & Ethical Issues.

Exploratory research design, descriptive research design, application of causal research design, sample design. Sources and methods of collecting data - Types of data, Method of Collecting data, Commercial survey, Audits, Survey Research, Instruments for respondent communication, Experimentation & data collection errors. Measurement in marketing research - Concept & scales of measurement, Attitude & motivational Research techniques. Sampling and data Analysis.

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