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Study Advertising Management MBA Subject


The objective of this course is to develop the understanding about the marketing communication tools and implement them in designing Advertisement strategies.

STUDY - Introduction of Marketing Communication and Advertising-

Overview of marketing communication, Factors affecting the marketing communication mix, Integrated Marketing Communication, Ethical issues in marketing communication. Advertising as a Management Function. Role of Advertising in the Marketing Process. Consumer Orientation in Advertising. Types of Advertising, Methods of Classification.

STUDY - Marketing Communication Planning-

Models of marketing communication, developing & control of marketing communication, marketing communication planning procedure.

STUDY - Advertising objectives and planning -

Meaning Definition and objectives of Advertising, Types of advertising, and the advertising agency: Function & types, Advertising Agency compensation. Creative strategy - Target market & creative objective, advertising Appeals, Creative format & creation stage, Copy testing and plagnosis.

Steps in Advertising Strategies. Creative Strategy-Various appeals and execution Styles, General idea of What Great Advertising Thinkers say-both Indian and foreign, Print advertising, Electronics advertising, outdoor advertising, direct mail advertising.

STUDY - Media planning & promotion -

Environment analysis media object, Media strategy & media planning modes, Indoor media, out door media, Measuring Advertisement Performances, Current developments in advertising. Media mix-print, broad cast (T.V. & Radio), Cinema, Outdoor, Direct Mail advertising, and Internet. Defining media planning-From marketing plan to media plan, challenges in media planning.

MBA General Management Subjects

Advertising Management
Services marketing MBA Marketing
Consumer Behavior and Market Research
Product and Brand Management
Sales and Distribution Management

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