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STUDY - Training and Development MBA Subject


The Purpose of this paper is to provide an in-depth under-standing of the role of training in the HRD and to enable the course participants to manage the Training system and processes.
Section A

STUDY - Introduction to Training & Development -

Training and Training needs Assessment, Training Design and Administration, Training methods, Technique & Aids, Training Strategy.

STUDY - Performance Appraisal & Training -

Learning through training, Adult Learning (Andragogy), Learning theories and learning Curve, Learning Styles

STUDY - Training Process:

An Overview; Role Responsibility and Challenges to Training Managers; Organization and Management of Training Function; Training Needs Assessment and Action Research; Instruction Objectives and Lesson Planning; Learning Process; Training Climate and Pedagogy; Developing Training Modules.

STUDY - Trainer & Training Institutions -

Trainers Profile, Types of Training Institutions, Trainer as a change Agent, MDP and EDPs.

STUDY - Evaluation of Training -

Training evaluation & ROI, Trainer of Training, Measurement Tools & Technique, Feedback Mechanism

STUDY - Training Methods and Techniques:

Facilities Planning and Training Aids; Organizing the training Department, controlling training, Training Communication; Training Evaluation; Training and Development in India.

MBA General Management Subjects

Employment Laws
Training and Development
Human Resource Planning
Leadership Skills and Change Management
Performance Management and Retention Strategies
Strategic Human Resource Management

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