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Study Performance Management and Retention Strategies MBA Subject


The objective of this paper is to introduce the basic concept of performance management and to widen the knowledge of the students in selecting and implementing the various performance measurement methods for better designing of reward system associated with it.

STUDY - Performance Appraisal –

A Conceptual Framework, Concept & Definitions of performance appraisal, Objectives of performance appraisal: Process of performance appraisal, Performance Appraisal vs Performance Management System, Concept of performance management, Process & elements 0f performance management.

STUDY - Behavioral Performance Management -

Learning Theories; Principles of Learning: Reinforcement and Punishment, Role of Organizational Reward Systems, Behavioral Performance Management or OB Mod.

STUDY - Potential Appraisal & HRD -

Meaning & objectives of Potential Appraisal, Potential Appraisal & Performance Appraisal, Concept of HRD; Objectives and challenges of HRD, D Mechanisms and HRD outcomes.

STUDY - Performance Planning & Measuring Performance -

Meaning & need or Performance Planning, Planning Individual Performance, Principles of Measurement.; Classification of Performance Measures, Measurement issues; Approaches &: tools to measure organizational performance, Traditional and modern performance appraisal methods

STUDY - Competency Analysis and Competency Mapping -

Meaning of competency, Competency Analysis and Approaches to competency Analysis, Competency mapping ; Need development and assessment of competency models, Competency and performance, Tools to identify the competencies of the employees

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Employment Laws
Training and Development
Human Resource Planning
Leadership Skills and Change Management
Performance Management and Retention Strategies
Strategic Human Resource Management

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