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STUDY - Indian financial system:

the financial system – nature – evolution and structure – the functions of financial intermediaries – financial instruments – the role of financial system in economic development – the Indian financial system.
Deposit products: types of bank deposits, computation of interest on deposits, deposit schemes, composition of bank deposits. Credit policy: Need for credit policy, credit policy components of credit policy, credit policy pursued by the government, credit culture.

STUDY - Retail banking:

basics of retail banking, forms of retail banking and emerging issues. Corporate banking: The nature of corporate banking, developments in corporate banking, consortium finance, multiple banking arrangements, and loan syndication.
Rural banking and Micro finance: sources of rural finance, credit delivery mechanism in rural finance to co-operative agricultural and rural development banks (CARDB) – regional rural banks (RRBS), service area approach (SAA) – National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development (NABARD), microfinance.

STUDY - Follow up and recovery:

NPAs, classification, securitization, SARFAESI Act etc. Securitization: meaning of securitization, process of securitization.
Fee-based services: the fee-based services of banks, letter of credits, bank guarantees, subsidiary services, off balance sheet activities, bancassurance.
Introduction to banking operations: the changing nature of banking operations, importance of customer relationship management in banks – different types of products and services offered to customers – role of technology in banking operations – the need for Asset-Liability Management. Introduction to electronic banking: electronic banking: market assessment, e-banking: an introduction, internet: e-commerce, e-banking in India, internet banking strategies, risks in e-banking. : Payment and settlement systems, RTGS and clearing house:

MBA Finance Subjects

Working capital management
Capital Budgeting and Financial decisions
Finance for strategic decisions
Financial Derivatives
Indian Capital Market and Financial System
International Financial Management
Management of Financial Services
Risk management and Insurance
Security Analysis Portfolio Mgmt
Banking Service operations

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