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STUDY - Research Methods in Management MBA Subject


The objective of the course is to enable the students, in developing the most appropriate methodology for their research studies and to make familiar with the art of using different research methods and techniques. o understand the concept and process of Business research in business environment. ?To know the use of tools and techniques for exploratory, conclusive and causal research. ?To understand the concept of measurement in empirical systems & its validity and reliability. ?To use statistical techniques for analysis of research data. ?To realize the applications of Business research.

Concept of Scientific Enquiry - Formulation of Research Problem Hypothesis Building Characteristic and Testing, Review of Literature, Research Design-Exploratory, Descriptive and Experimental research Design. Qualitative Research Design. Data Collection -Sources, Constructing a questionnaire. The Interview, Observation and Survey. Sampling Decisions, Probability and Sampling.
Parametric and Nonparametric test, level of Significance, using software for analysis Grouping and displaying data to convey meaning: Tables and Graphs, measures of Central tendency and dispersion in frequency distributions, Probability distributions, and Testing hypotheses
One sample test and two sample tests, chi-square and analysis of variance, Simple regression and correlation, Non-Parametric methods - the sign test for paired data, the rank sums test. The mann-whittney U test, the one sample Runs test, rank correlation.
Attitude Measurement- Motivational Research, Focus Group; Scaling Techniques- Socio Metric and Rating Scale, Scalograms, Internal Consistency Scales. Report Writing Organization Presentation, Bibliography and References.

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