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Study Product Management

Project management – Concept of a Project – Categories of Project - Project life cycle- Definition of project management - The project as a conversion Process - project environment - complexity of projects - the relationship between project Management and line management - current issues in project management- system approach to project management - Roles and responsibilities of project manager.
Project planning - project planning as a value adding activity - process of project planning - managing the planning process - communicating project plans - dealing with increased complexity through net work diagrams - Analyzing the network- Critical Path Analysis - Activity on Nodes diagramming- Dealing with the uncertainty Programme Evaluation and Review Technique- Computerized Project Management - planning with standards.
Project financing and development banks - Development banking and western world - debt Equity ratio-Equity and Preference Share Capital- Internal Generation of Funds- Leasing Financing - Public sector bonds-Debentures- Assistance from International financial- Short Ten Rupee Funds for Working capital- All India Development Corporation- Specialized Institution - Investment Institution - means of financing - project financing package - procuring funds.
Project implementation - stages - Bottlenecks in project implementation -Guidelines for effective implementation - Management techniques for project management - project monitoring - essentials - roles - tools and techniques Project management performance performance indicators performance improvement - project management environment - management reporting - report designing - project evaluation - project review.
Project feasibility study- Market Feasibility- Technical Feasibility-Financial FeasibilityEconomic Feasibility-Critical Success factors- Demand forecasting

MBA Common Subjects

Accounting and Finance for Managers
Technology Innovation and Sustainable Enterprise
Brand Management
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Business Environment
Business Ethics and corporate Goverance MBA Masters of Business Administration
Business Ethics and Ethos
Business Laws
Business Plan and Ethics
Business Policy and Strategic Management
Computer Applications in Management
Entrepreneurial Finance
Entrepreneurship Development
Financial Management
Human Resource Management MBA Masters of Business Administration
Information Technology and E Commerce
Information Technology for Management
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Management Information system MBA Masters of Business Administration
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Operation and Production Management
Organisational Behaviour MBA Masters of Business Administration
Principles and Practices of Management
Principles of Management and Organisational Behaviour
Production and operations management MBA Masters of Business Administration
Project management
Quantitative Techniques for decisionmaking MBA Masters of Business Administration
Quantitative Techniques for Management
Research Methodology MBA Masters of Business Administration
Research Methods in Management
Strategic Management

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