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Study Organizational Behaviour


The paper aims to present the basic concepts of management. The objective is to help student comprehend perceive and understand dynamic nature of groups, Provide on insight into behaviour of individuals in organization and the changing environment of organizations. This is with a view to enable him to develop and adopt effective strategies to influence it. It also aims to help the student develop decision making skills through case discussions.

Organizational Behaviour - Definition – assumptions- - significance, - Historical Background - Fundamental concepts of OB, research foundation, trends, impact of globalization, learning organisation and Knowledge management.
Individual Behaviour and Managing diversity: individual behaviour, main reasons impact, trends and layers of diversity; demographic differences, barriers and challenges, competitive advantages, diversity initiatives. Personality Development: meaning, theories of Personality development, managerial consideration for further developing of personality development of employee. Perception –Meaning and definition, Perceptual process, Managerial implications of perception in business situations, schemas, perceptual errors.
Motivation: nature and importance, basic process, need theories of motivation- the concept of needs, Maslow’s hierarchy of needs theory, Alderfer’s ERG theory, Mc Cleland’s Achievement Motivation Theory, Cognitive and behavioral theories- expectancy,. Equity, goal-setting theories.
Communication: Meaning, importance, process, types, effective and efficient communication, barriers in communication.
Group Behaviour: Group formation: formal and informal group, stages of group development, group decision making, group effectiveness and self managed teams.
Conflict and stress management: meaning, process, functional and dysfunctional conflict, conflict handling, nature causes and consequences of stress.
Management of change: concept, Lewin’s stages of change, forces of change, resistance to change, and managing planned change.

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