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Study Management Information System

MANAGEMENT INFORMATION SYSTEM Objectives: To familiarise the students with the fundamental concepts of information system and its role in business decision making
Foundation of information systems ; a framework for business users - Roles of information systems - System concept - Organisation as a system - components of Information systems - IS Activities - Types of IS.
IS for operations and decision making :Marketing IS , Manufacturing IS , Human Resource IS , Accounting IS and Financial IS - Transaction processing systems Information Reporting system - Information for Strategic Advantage .
DSS and AI : DSS models and software :The decision making process - Structured ,semi structured and Unstructured problems ; What if analysis , sensitivity analysis , Goal seeking Analysis and Optimizing Analysis . Overview of AI , Neural networks Fuzzy logic Systems ,Genetic Algorithms - Expert systems.
Managing Information Technology :Managing Information Resources and technologies IS architecture and management - Centralized , Decentralized and Distributed - EDI supply chain management-CRM-ERP.
Security and Ethical Challenges : IS controls - facility control and procedural control - Risks to online operations - Denial of service, spoofing - Ethics for IS professional - social challenges of Information technology .

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