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STUDY - Management Accounting MBA Subject


The objective of the course is to enable the student to familiarize with the preparation and calculation knowledge of management accounting. The student will be able to understand the system of utilizing financial, costing, and other information to assist the management in the performance and evaluation of their functions.

Introduction to Management Accounting – Origin, scope, functions and principles. Understanding Indian Corporate Sector. Management Accounting- Understanding basic financial accounting, Preparation of Final Accounts- as a backdrop to management accounting and Cost Accounting. Changing role of management accounting and recent developments. Management accounting and corporate governance.
Financial statement analysis- Ratio analysis- types and calculation. Comparative and common size financial statement.
Analysis of Corporate Performance: Preparation and calculation of Fund Flow and Cash Flow statement as per AS-3.
Basic Cost Concept, Cost sheet Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis, Budgetary Control. Marginal cost and CVP Analysis and Profit planning. Activity based costing,


The objective of the course is to provide the students with a learning framework that will enable them to study the principles and procedures used in collection and analysis of accounting information.

Management Accounting-Introduction. Basic cost terms and concepts. Managerial implications of job order costing, process costing- simple process, process accounting of normal and abnormal wastage, Process Stock Accounting and inter process accounting.. cost-volume-profit analysis. Cost reduction system-kaizen costing system, ABC, Life cycle costing. Pricing decision. Standard cost and variance analysis.
Budgeting and budgetary control-Types of budget- Flexible, cash, sales, production budget, master budget. Managerial implication of budget, performance budgeting, ZBB.
Inferences from published financial statements-Ratio, cash flow and funds flow.
Emerging issues in Management Accounting-Human Resources Accounting, EVA, Internal Reconstruction and Amalgamation – concept, elementary accounting and interpretation.

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