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Study Information Technology and Ecommerce


OBJECTIVE : To explain use of Information technology and e-commerce for entrepreneur. UNIT - I Computer & Internet: Desktop computers, Block diagram of a computer, Input and output devices, memory and storage devices, different ports and its uses, Different type of printers. Software: OS, Windows OS, Application software. Networking, different LAN and WAN connections, connecting to a network, testing connection, Internet, IP address, Hypertext, Uniform Resource Locator, Web Browsers, IP Address, Domain Nam e, Internet Services Providers, Internet Security, Internet Requirements, Web Search Engine, Net Surfing, Internet Services. UNIT - II Windows XP: Windows concepts, Features, Windows Structure, Desktop, Taskbar, Start Menu, My Computer, Recycle Bin, Windows Accessories- Calculator, Notepad, Paint, WordPad, Character Map, Windows Explorer, Entertainment UNIT - III Word Processing; MS Word: Advanced Features of MS Word, Find & Replace, Using Thesaurus, Using Auto- Multiple Functions, Mail Merge, Handling Graphics, Tables & Charts, Converting a word document into various formats like- Text, Rich Text format, Word perfect, HTML,PDF etc. Worksheet- MS-Excel: Working with single and multiple workbook, working with formulae & cell referencing, Auto sum, Coping formulae, Absolute & relative addressing, Worksheet with ranges, formatting of worksheet, Previewing & Printing worksheet, Graphs and charts, Database, Creating and Using macros, Multiple worksheets- concepts, creating and using. Power Point : reordering and hiding slides, slide show and editing custom slide. Resizing a text box Text box properties, Delete a text box, Bulleted lists, Numbered lists, Adding notes, Video and Audio, Adding text Editing options, Formatting text, Replace fonts, Line spacing Change case Spelling check, Color schemes , Adding clip art, Adding an image from a file Editing graphic, AutoShapes, WordArt, Backgrounds, Action buttons Slide animation, Animation preview Slide transitions Slide show options Slide master Header and footer Slide numbers Date and time Database Basics: Databases, Records - Fields, data types, Database Types Library Catalogues Annex.54.J.10 -MBA - Entepreneurship - SDE Page 21 of 25
E-Commerce What is Electronic Commerce - Brief history of Electronic Commerce - Advantages and Limitations of Electronic Commerce - Types of Electronic commerce - Integrating Electronic Commerce- Key questions for Management Electronic Payment Systems: Overview of the Electronic payment Technology -Requirements for Internet Based payments - Electronic payment Medias - Electronic commerce and banking.
E-security: Security in the cyberspace - Designing for security - Virus - Security Protection and Recovery - Encryption -Web based Business: Business-to-Business Electronic Commerce-Intranets and Extranets - Intranets and Supply Chain Management - Legal and Ethical issues - Case studies.

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Technology Innovation and Sustainable Enterprise
Brand Management
Business communications MBA Masters of Business Administration
Business Environment
Business Ethics and corporate Goverance MBA Masters of Business Administration
Business Ethics and Ethos
Business Laws
Business Plan and Ethics
Business Policy and Strategic Management
Computer Applications in Management
Entrepreneurial Finance
Entrepreneurship Development
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Information Technology and E Commerce
Information Technology for Management
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Management Information system MBA Masters of Business Administration
Managerial Economics MBA Masters of Business Administration
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Organisational Behaviour MBA Masters of Business Administration
Principles and Practices of Management
Principles of Management and Organisational Behaviour
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Quantitative Techniques for decisionmaking MBA Masters of Business Administration
Quantitative Techniques for Management
Research Methodology MBA Masters of Business Administration
Research Methods in Management
Strategic Management

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