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Study Brand Management

Objectives: To increase the understanding of important issues in planning and evaluating branding strategies across goods and services.
Concept of a Brand-Evolution-perspectives, anatomy, types of brand names, brand name associations, brands vs products, advantages of brands to consumers and firms, brand elements: components and choosing brand elements, branding challenges and opportunities.
Unit II
Brand positioning-basic concepts-alternatives-risks-brands and consumers-strategies for positioning the brand for competitive advantage-points of parity-points of differencebuying decisions, perspectives on consumer behaviour, building a strong brand-method and implications
Unit III
Brand image – dimensions-brand associations and image, brand identity-perspective levels and prism. Managing brand image-stages-functional, symbolic and experiential brands. Brand equity – sources of equity-brand equity models, brand audits, brand loyalty and cult brands.
Unit IV
Leveraging brands – brand extensions, extendibility, merits and demerits, line extensions, line trap-co branding and licensing brands. Reinforcing and revitalization of brands-need, methods, brand architecture-product, line, range, umbrella and source endorsed brands. Brand portfolio management.
Unit V
Brand valuation-methods of valuation, implications for buying and selling brands, applications-branding industrial products, services and retailers-building brands online. Indianisation of foreign brands and taking Indian brands global-issues and challenges.

MBA Common Subjects

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Technology Innovation and Sustainable Enterprise
Brand Management
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Business Environment
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Business Ethics and Ethos
Business Laws
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Entrepreneurship Development
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Information Technology for Management
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Operation and Production Management
Organisational Behaviour MBA Masters of Business Administration
Principles and Practices of Management
Principles of Management and Organisational Behaviour
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Quantitative Techniques for decisionmaking MBA Masters of Business Administration
Quantitative Techniques for Management
Research Methodology MBA Masters of Business Administration
Research Methods in Management
Strategic Management

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