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Study Law of Taxation LL.B Subject

Law of Taxation

1. Indian Income Tax Act, 1961.
2. Central Sales Tax Act,1956.
3. Rajasthan Sales Tax Act, 1994.
1. Income Tax Act: (1) Definitions-Assessment year Previous year Agriculture, Income Assessment, Capital Asset, Dividend, Income, Casul Income, Total income, Gross Total Income; Maximum and Minimum marginal rate, Person, resident-non-resident, Transfer.
2. Basis of Charge-Charges of Income-tax, Scope of total income Residence in India, Income deemed to be recevied, Devided income, Income deemed to accrue or arise in India.
3. Income which do not form part of total income.
4. Computation of total income-Head of Income-Salaries, Interest on securities, Income form House Property, Profit & Gains of business or Profession, capital gains, Income form other sources.
5. Income of other persons included form other sources.
6. Deductions to be made in computing total Income.
7. Relief in respect of income-tax.
8. Determination of tax in certain specific cases.
9. Income tax authorities-Appointament and Control; Jurisdiction, Powers, Procedure for Assessment, Liability in special cases, Collection and recovery of tax, Appeals, Revision and Referene.
Central Sales Tax Act, 1956
1. Sale or Purchase of goods in the course of Inter-State Trade or outside a State or in the course of import or export.
2. Liability to tax on inter-state sales, burden of proof,
3. Registration of dealers.
4. Determination of turnover. levy & Collection of tax.
5. Penalty and offences.
6. Restrictions and conditions in regard to tax on sale or purchase of declared goods within a State.
Rajasthan Sales Tax Act, 1994 :
1. Incidence and levy of tax, Registration of dealers. Payment of tax, filing of returns and assessment.
2. Tax liability recovery and refund-
3. Interest, Compositions and Prosecution.
4. Inspection, Search and seizure, anti-evasion provisions.
5. Appeals & Revisions-Officers, Powers and immunities.
Leading Cases :
1. Commissioner of Income-Tax v. Raja Beney Kumar Sahas Roy, (1957) 32 ITR 466 (SC).
2. Commissioner of Income-Tax v. Gangadhar Baijnath. (1972) 86 ITR (SC).
3. Surji Lal Chhabda v. Commissioner of Income Tax, (1975) 10 J ITR 76 (SC).
4. Agarwal & Co. v. Commissioner of Income-Tax . 197388 ITR 336 Bom. (SC).
5. P. Krishan Menon v. Commissioner of Income-Tax(1959) 35 ITR 48 (SC).
6. Commissioner of Income TAx v. Nar Prasad and Co. (P) Ltd. (1975) 99 ITR 118 (SC).
7. State of Bihar v. Tata Engineering & Locomotive Co. Ltd., (1969) 27 STC 127 (SC).

Indian Income Tax Act, 1961.

Central Sales Tax Act,1956.

Rajasthan Sales Tax Act, 1994.

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