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Study Labour Law LL.B Subject

Labour Law

1. Historical Development of Industrial Disputes, Legislation in India Various modes of Settlement of diputes,Object and Reasons, Scope Definitions of Important terms-Authorities under this Act. voluntary Arbitration and Compulsory Adjudication. Reference of Disputes to Boards,Courts or Tribunals; Procedure,Powers and Duties of Authorities Implementation of Awards,with-holding of Awards,with-holding of Awards,Appeals to Supreme Court and writs to HCs. Strikes and Lock-outs, Lay-off and Retrenchment Special Provisions Relating to LAy-off, Retrenchment and closure in certain Provisions Relating to Lay-off,Retrenchment, Special Provisions Relating to Lay-off, Retenchment and closure in certain establishments, Compensation in transfer of under takings, Section 33,33-A 33-B.33-C and other miscellaneous provisions, Penalties Unfair Labour Practice etc.
Trade Unions Act,1926.
The Philosophy of Trade Unionism, History of Trade Union Trade Union Movement in India-Aims and Objects-Extent and Commencement of the Indian Trade Act. 1926-Definition and Nature of Trade Union. Registration of Trade Unions-right and Liabilited of Registered Trade Unions (Recognition of Trade Unions,Regulations, Penalties and Procedure.Dussolution Collective Bargaining and Trade Disputes-Unfair Labour Practices).
The Factories Act 1948 :
History of Factory Legislation-Concept of Welfare Objects and Reasons-Scope and Applicability-Definitions of some important terms.
The Inspecting staff-Health, Safety, Welfare, Working Hours of Adults-Employment of young persons-Annual leave with wages. Special provisions-Penalties and Procdure-New Provisions inserted vide Factories (Amendment) Act of 1987. The Minimum Wages Act, 1948 :
Concept of Wages, particularly Minimum Fair and Living Wages, Need based minimum wage-Aims and objects of Minimum Wages Act-Application, exceptions and Exemptions-Kinds of Wages.
Fixation and revision of minimum rates of wages Adjudication of claims relating to minimum wages and Miscellaneous provisions.
Leading Cases :
1. Workmen of Indian Standards Institution v. Indian Standard Institution AIR 1976 SC 145.
2. Delhi Cloth and General Mills Co. Ltd. v.Ludh Budh Singh, 1970 ILLJ 180 (SC) AIR 1972 SC 103.
3. Jay Engineering works v. State of West Bengal, AIR 1968 Cal 406.
4. V.P. Gopala Rao v. Public Prosecutor, Andhra Pradesh, AIR 1970 SC 65.
5. PUDR and others v. Union of India, 1982 II LLJ 454 SC.
6. Express News Paper Ltd. and other v. Union of India and other. AIR 1958 SC 578.

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