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Study 12th STANDARD - Entrepreneurship

Unit I: Entrepreneurial Opportunities and Enterprise Creation

* Sensing Entrepreneurial Opportunities
* Environment Scanning
* Market Assessment
* Identification of Entrepreneurial Opportunities
* Selection of an Enterprise
* Steps in setting up of an Enterprise

Unit II: Enterprise Planning and Resourcing

* Business Planning - Preparation of a Project Report
* Resource Assessment -Financial and Non - Financial
* Fixed and Working Capital Requirement, Funds, Flows, Profit Ratios, Break Even Analysis etc.
* Mobilising Resources - Sources and Means of Fund, Facilities and Technologies for starting an Enterprise.
* Organising/Production of goods and services - quality, quantity and flow of inputs.

Unit III: Enterprise Management

(a) General management: Basic Management functions.
(b) Managing Market:
Meaning, Functions of Marketing, Marketing Mix:
* Product
* Price
* Place
* Promotion (advertising and sales promotion)
(c) Managing Finance - Sources of Long Term and Short Term Finances
* Determination of Cost, Income, Calculation of Profit/Loss.
(d) Managing Growth and Sustenance -Affecting Change, Modernisation, Expansion, Diversification and Substitution.
(e) Entrepreneurial Discipline - Laws of Land, Ecology, Consumer’s Concept, Adherance to Contract and Credits.


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