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Study 11th STANDARD - Sociology

Unit 1: Society & Sociology and Relationship with other social sciences
Introducing Society: Individuals and collectivities. Plural Perspectives
Introducing Sociology: Emergence. Nature & Scope. Relationship to other disciplines

Unit 2: Basic Concepts

Social Groups
Status and Role
Social Stratification
Social Control

Unit 3: Social Institutions

Family and Kinship
Political and Economic Institutions
Religion as a Social Institution
Education as a Social Institution

Unit 4: Culture And Society

Culture. Values and Norms: Shared, Plural, Contested
Socialization: Conformity, Conflict and the Shaping of Personality

Unit 5: Practical Sociology: Methods & Techniques

Tools and Techniques: Observation, Survey, Interview
The Significance of Field Work in Sociology

Unit 6: Structure, Process and Stratification

Social Structure
Social Processes: Cooperation, Competition, Conflict
Social Stratification: Class, Caste, Race, Gender.

Unit 7: Social Change

Social Change: Types and Dimensions; Causes and Consequences.
Social Order: Domination, Authority & Law; Contestation, Crime & Violence
Village, Town & City: Changes in Rural & Urban Society

Unit 8: Environment And Society

Ecology and Society
Environmental Crises and Social Responses

Unit 9: Western Social Thinkers

Karl Marx on Class Conflict
Emile Durkheim on Division of Labour
Max Weber on Bureaucracy

Unit 10: Indian Sociologists

G.S. Ghurye on Race and Caste
D.P. Mukerji on Tradition and Change
A.R. Desai on the State
M.N. Srinivas on the Village

11th Standard Subjects

Accountancy sociology Agriculture
Biology Biotechnology Business-Studies
Chemistry Computer-Science Economics
Engineering-Graphics English Entrepreneurship
Geography History Home-Science
Informatic-Practices Mathematics Multimedia-and-web-technology
Philosophy Physics Political-Science

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