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Study 11th STANDARD - Entrepreneurship

Unit I: Entrepreneurship and Human Activities

A. Entrepreneurship
• Concept, Functions and need
• Entrepreneurship : Characteristics and Competency
• Relevance of Entrepreneurship to Socio-Economic Gain: generating National Wealth, creating Wage and Self -Employment, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises, Optimizing Human and Natural Resource and Solving Problems in the path of prosperity, building enterprising Personality and Society.
• Process of Entrepreneurship Development.

B. Entrepreneurial Pursuits and Human Activities:
• Nature, Purpose and pattern of Human Activities: Economic and Non-Economic, Need for innovation.
• Rationale and Relationship of Entrepreneurial pursuits and Human Activities.

Unit II: Acquiring Entrepreneurial Values and Motivation
• Entrepreneurial Values, Attitude and Motivation-Meaning and concept. • Developing Entrepreneurial Motivation and Competency - concept and process of Achievement Motivation, Self-efficacy, Creativity, Risk Taking, Leadership, Communication and Influencing Ability and Planning Action.
• Barriers to Entrepreneurship
• Help and support to Entreprenures

Unit III: Introduction to Market Dynamics
• Understanding a Market
• Competitive Analysis of the Market
• Patents, Trademarks and Copyright

11th Standard Subjects

Accountancy sociology Agriculture
Biology Biotechnology Business-Studies
Chemistry Computer-Science Economics
Engineering-Graphics English Entrepreneurship
Geography History Home-Science
Informatic-Practices Mathematics Multimedia-and-web-technology
Philosophy Physics Political-Science

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