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Study 11th STANDARD - Biotechnology

Unit I Biotechnology Within Your Reach

Chapter I : Introduction to Biotechnology
Historical Perspectives
Production Strategies in Biotechnology
Quality Control
Product Safety
Good Manufacturing Practices
Good Laboratory Practices
Intellectual Property
Public Perception
Global market
Biotechnology in India and Global Trends

Unit II Biomolecules

Chapter I : Building Blocks of Biomolecules - Structure and Dynamics 8 Marks(20 Periods)
Building Blocks of Carbohydrates - Sugars and Their Derivatives
Building Blocks of Proteins - Amino Acids
Building Blocks of Lipids - Simple Fatty Acids, Sphingosine, Glycerol and Cholesterol
Building Blocks of Nucleic Acids - Nucleotides Biochemical Transformations

Chapter II : Structure and Function of Macromolecules 7 Marks (20 Periods)

Carbohydrates - The Energy Givers
Proteins - The Performers
Enzymes - The Catalysts
Lipids and Biomembranes - The Barriers
Nucleic Acids - The Managers

Chapter III : Biochemical Techniques 5 Marks (10 Periods)
Techniques Based on Molecular Weight or Size
Techniques Based on Polarity or Charge
Techniques Based on Spectroscopy
Techniques Based on Solubility

Unit III Cell and Development

Chapter I : The Basic Unit of Life 8 Marks (20 Periods)
Cell Structure and Components
Tissues and Organs
Stem cells
Organization of Life

Chapter II : Cell Growth and Development 7 Marks (20 Periods)
Cell Division
Cell Cycle
Cell Communication
Movement Nutrition Gaseous Exchanges
Internal Transport
Maintaining the Internal Enviornment
In vitro Fertilization
Animal and Plant Development
Immune Response in Animals
Programmed Cell Death
Defense Mechanisms in Plants

Chapter III : Cellular Techniques 5 Marks (10 Periods)
Cell Sorting
Cell Fractionation
Cell Growth Determination

Unit IV Genetics and Molecular Biotechnology

Chapter I : Principles of Genetics 10 Marks (25 Periods)
Historical Perspective
Multiple Alleles
Linkage and Crossing Over
Genetic Mapping
Gene Interaction
Sex-Linked Inheritance
Extranuclear Inheritance
Quantitative Inheritance
Genes at Population Level
Discovery of DNA as Genetic Material
DNA Repair
Genetic Disorders

Chapter II : Genome Function 10 Marks (25 Periods)
Genome Organization
DNA Replication
Fine Structure of Genes
From Gene to Protein
Transcription - The Basic Process
Genetic Code
Regulation of Gene Expression

Chapter III : Genetical Techniques 5 Marks (10 Periods)

Chromosomal Techniques
Mutagenic Techniques
Recombination in Bacteria
Breeding Methods in Plants
Pedigree Analysis in Humans

11th Standard Subjects

Accountancy sociology Agriculture
Biology Biotechnology Business-Studies
Chemistry Computer-Science Economics
Engineering-Graphics English Entrepreneurship
Geography History Home-Science
Informatic-Practices Mathematics Multimedia-and-web-technology
Philosophy Physics Political-Science

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