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Master Degree Important Questions

  explain the construction of the LP model
(class: MSc Masters Degree )    Mathematics

  let p and q be two distinct primes. prove that that any group of order pq is solable.
(class: MSc Masters Degree )    Algebra

  explain monetary theory and value theory
(class: MA Masters Degree )    Economics

  what is thoery of computation?
(class: MSc Masters Degree )    Computer Science

  explain the "equity-efficiency trade-off in optimal resource use with welfare considarations" .
(class: MA Masters Degree )    Economics

  Write short notes on Umayyad Caliphate
(class: MA Masters Degree )    History

  Write short notes on West african monarchies
(class: MA Masters Degree )    History

  Write short notes on Expansion and consolidation of persian empire from Cyrus to Darius-I.
(class: MA Masters Degree )    History

  Write short notes on Medieval towns
(class: MA Masters Degree )    History

  Write short notes on use of gunpowder and its impact on Medieval warfare
(class: MA Masters Degree )    History

  Write short notes on Developments in Science and Technology
(class: MA Masters Degree )    History

  Write short notes on textile production in Europe
(class: MA Masters Degree )    History

  How did changes in the political and economic spheres help in the transformation of Medieval world?
(class: MA Masters Degree )    History

  Discuss the brief the rise of markets in the medieval period. What role did new commercial practices play in the growth of trade?
(class: MA Masters Degree )    History

  Discuss different theises regarding the nature of feudalism in Europe.
(class: MA Masters Degree )    History

  Give a brief account of social structure in the Late Roman World. What was the attitude of State and Roman people towards religion?
(class: MA Masters Degree )    History

  Discuss the main features of the Maya Civilization.
(class: MA Masters Degree )    History

  Give an account of polity and society during the Archaic and Classical period of Greece.
(class: MA Masters Degree )    History

  Compare the cultural and natural settings of the early civilizations in Mesopotamis and Egypt.
(class: MA Masters Degree )    History

  What do you understand by pastoral nomadism? Give an account of the society and economy of pastoral nomads.
(class: MA Masters Degree )    History

  Define Basing-Point Price
(class: MA Masters Degree )    Economics

  Define Stage Game
(class: MA Masters Degree )    Economics

  Define Merger
(class: MA Masters Degree )    Economics

  Define Cream Skimming
(class: MA Masters Degree )    Economics

  Define CES Production function.
(class: MA Masters Degree )    Economics

  Explain the equity - efficiency trade-off in optimal resource use with welfare considerations.
(class: MA Masters Degree )    Economics

  What kind of adverse selection problems do you expect to be faced by insurance companies? Explain the main reasons for such a problem. Do you think that this can lead to lemons problem in the insurance market? Give reasons to support your answer.
(class: MA Masters Degree )    Economics

  Describe the Cournot model of duopoly. Using reaction functions, show that the Cournot equilibrium is a stable one.
(class: MA Masters Degree )    Economics

  Discuss the major differences in the approach to welfare economics formulated by Pigou and Pareto. Which approach would you prefer? Give reasons to support your answer.
(class: MA Masters Degree )    Economics




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