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MBA - Marketing Customer Relationship Management What is CRM?

MBA - Marketing Market Research Write short notes on sources of secondary data.

MBA - Marketing Market Research Write short notes on Methods of graphical presentation of data

MBA - Marketing Market Research Write short notes on semantic differential scale

MBA - Marketing Market Research Write short notes on Qualitative marketing research

MBA - Marketing Market Research Write short notes on Multi Dimensional Scaling

MBA - Marketing Market Research A company wants to review the efficacy of selecting its current target customers. What shall be your suggestions regarding the research to provide necessary information for this objective? Describe the main steps involved in such a research.

MBA - Marketing Market Research Describe the steps involved in applying Discriminant Analysis technique. What are its main areas of applications in marketing?

MBA - Marketing Market Research How shall you stratify your sample for conducting a marketing research to find out the reasons of failure among indian industrial units? How shall you ensure that your final estimates are not affected by the sample quotas allotted to each stratum?

MBA - Marketing Market Research What are the main designs available in conducting experimental researches in marketing? Taking any one of them and describe the main sources of possible errors for that design.

MBA - Marketing Consumer Behaviour Write short notes on Bettmans information processing model of buying behaviour.

MBA - Marketing Consumer Behaviour Write short notes on Culture and its influence on consumer behaviour.

MBA - Marketing Consumer Behaviour Write Short notes on Theory of reasoned action model of attitudes.

MBA - Marketing Consumer Behaviour What do you understand by absolute threshold and differential threshold? How do marketers apply the concept of differential threshold or "just noticeable difference" in their marketing strategy? Explain by taking examples from the FMCG Category.

MBA - Marketing Consumer Behaviour You are the manager of a highly sought brand of apprael that offers a complete range of highly priced but good quality trendy casual wear for both boys and girls. Describe how an understanding of consumer behaviour would be useful to you in deciding on your 1. Segmentation Strategy 2. New Product Introduction 3. Promotion Strategy. What aspects of Consumer behaviour would be most relevant for you to study and why?

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