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Bachelors Degree Important Questions

  what is history?
(class: BA Degree )    History

  what is personnel administration ? Explain its scope , nature and characteristics?
(class: BA Degree )    Administrative Thinkers

  Discuss the meaning, nature and scope of public administration.
(class: BA Degree )    Principles of Public Administration

  What is s credit system?
(class: BCom Degree )    Accounting

  Describe about Journal entry?
(class: BCom Degree )    Accounting

  5 years questions
(class: BSc Degree )    Mathematics

  Activity 1* Transferring Water Without Pouring*---Materials:--one 250-mL beaker , 3/4 full of water(Beaker A),--30 cm long yarn thread,--one 250 mL beaker, empty, 1 barrier book standing at one end.Task: Transfer the water from Beaker A to B without moving Beaker A above or around a book placed in between the beakers.1. Identify the Problem2. Identify whether the problem you solved is through testing, discovery or construction.3. How did you solved a particular problem?4. What did you learn as you devised solutions to solve the particular problem?5. What do you recommend to improve the design or model built?
(class: BSc Degree )    Physics

  Define Agreement.
(class: LLB Degree )    Contract

  Explain about Culpable homicide.
(class: LLB Degree )    Criminal Law

  Prepare an analysis table for the following details: Royalty payable 50 paisa pet ton of output, minimum rent Rs7500 per annum. right of recoupment of short working up to 3 years, output during the first 3 years is 10000,14000,18000 tons respectively
(class: BCom Degree )    Accounting

  Write short notes on Royalty account and hire purchase system
(class: BCom Degree )    Accounting

  Write short notes on amalgamation and Sale of Partnership to ltd co
(class: BCom Degree )    Accounting

  Write short notes on book keeping and Accounting principles
(class: BCom Degree )    Accounting

  Hire Purchase Price Rs120000, cah price Rs 100000, number of installments 8, and number of installments paid 3. Calculate rebate at 2/3 of proportionate hire purchase charges relating to the installments not yet due.
(class: BCom Degree )    Accounting

  Give two advantages of the joint stock company over a partnership firm?
(class: BCom Degree )    Accounting

  What is interest suspense account
(class: BCom Degree )    Accounting

  Give two features of Hire purchase system
(class: BCom Degree )    Accounting

  What is Net Asset method
(class: BCom Degree )    Accounting

  What is Royalty
(class: BCom Degree )    Accounting

  What is Down payment
(class: BCom Degree )    Accounting

  What is Purchase Consideration
(class: BCom Degree )    Accounting

  What is Revaluation Account
(class: BCom Degree )    Accounting

  What is Amalgamation
(class: BCom Degree )    Accounting

  Discuss the functions and services of a whole saler
(class: BBM Degree )    Marketing Management

  What is meant by product life cycle? Discuss the various stages of product life cycle
(class: BBM Degree )    Marketing Management

  What is meant by pricing? Explain briefly the factors influencing the pricing policy of a firm
(class: BBM Degree )    Marketing Management

  What is market Segmentation? give a brief explanation about the bases for market segmentation
(class: BBM Degree )    Marketing Management

  Give the classification of marketing functions and explain the same
(class: BBM Degree )    Marketing Management

  Write briefly the need for channel of distribution
(class: BBM Degree )    Marketing Management

  Explain the goals of marketing briefly
(class: BBM Degree )    Marketing Management




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