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BSc Degree Physics Activity 1* Transferring Water Without Pouring*---Materials:--one 250-mL beaker , 3/4 full of water(Beaker A),--30 cm long yarn thread,--one 250 mL beaker, empty, 1 barrier book standing at one end.Task: Transfer the water from Beaker A to B without moving Beaker A above or around a book placed in between the beakers.1. Identify the Problem2. Identify whether the problem you solved is through testing, discovery or construction.3. How did you solved a particular problem?4. What did you learn as you devised solutions to solve the particular problem?5. What do you recommend to improve the design or model built?

BSc Degree Physics Buildings of different heights sustain different amounts of damage in an earthquake. Explain this with figures.

BSc Degree Physics What type of waves are generated in water? How are they generated? Depict the motion of water molecules schematically.

BSc Degree Physics Two Collinear harmonic oscillations having zero initial phase difference and of slightly different frequencies are superposed. Calculate the modulated frequency of resultant oscillation.

BSc Degree Physics State Conditions under which the angular momentum of a system remains conserved. Give two examples of the application of angular momentum conservation.

BSc Degree Physics Shifting Cloud and Wind Masses in the earths atmosphere can cause changes in the length of the day. Explain

BSc Degree Physics State Keplers Laws? Do these laws apply to electrons orbiting around the proton? Explain your answer.

BSc Degree Chemistry What is electron capture in the context of radioactive decay?

BSc Degree Chemistry Neils Bhor proposed a model for the atomic structure in 1913. State two reasons for the model to be accepted at that time

BSc Degree Chemistry What is the half-life period of a radioactive Substance?

BSc Degree Chemistry Give the SI unit of dipole moment?

BSc Degree Chemistry What are Matter Waves?

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