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Class 12th Questions

12th Standard Questions

  Why is transistor used as a switch?
(class: 12th Std )    Physics

  Describe the following:(i) Acetylation (ii) Cannizzaro reaction (iii) aldol condensation (iv) Decarboxylation (v) Diazotisation
(class: 12th Std )    Chemistry

  Why does nitrogen show catenation properties less than phosphorus?
(class: 12th Std )    Chemistry

  Why are halogens strong oxidising agents?
(class: 12th Std )    Chemistry

  How are XeO3 and XeOF4 prepared?
(class: 12th Std )    Chemistry

  Write balanced equations when NaCl is heated with sulphuric acid in the presence of MnO2
(class: 12th Std )    Chemistry

  Give the disproportionation reaction of H3PO3.
(class: 12th Std )    Chemistry

  [i] What do you understand by the term glycosidic linkage? [ii] What is glycogen? How is it different from starch? [iii] What are the hydrolysis products of (i) sucrose and (ii) lactose
(class: 12th Std )    Chemistry

  Distinguish by a chemical test – (a) Acetaldehyde and acetone (b) Methyl amine and dimethyl amine (c) Phenol and benzoic acid.
(class: 12th Std )    Chemistry

  What happens when ethanol is heated with sulphuric acid at 413 K.? Explain mechanism of the reaction ?
(class: 12th Std )    Chemistry

  Why do noble gases have comparatively large atomic sizes?
(class: 12th Std )    Chemistry

  Why is dioxygen a gas but sulphur a solid?
(class: 12th Std )    Chemistry

  Why does R3P = O exist but R3N = O does not ?
(class: 12th Std )    Chemistry

  Explain: (i) Zone refining (ii) Column chromatography
(class: 12th Std )    Chemistry

  Discuss briefly giving an example the role of coordination compounds in biological systems
(class: 12th Std )    Chemistry

  What is spectrochemical series?
(class: 12th Std )    Chemistry

  write the formula for the Tetrahydroxozincate(II)
(class: 12th Std )    Chemistry

  Conductivity of 0.00241 M acetic acid is 7.896 × 10–5 S cm–1. Calculate its molar conductivity and if for acetic acid is 390.5 S cm2 mol–1, what is its dissociation constant?
(class: 12th Std )    Chemistry

  Calculate the mass of a non-volatile solute (molar mass 40 g mol–1) which should be dissolved in 114 g octane to reduce its vapour pressure to 80%
(class: 12th Std )    Chemistry

  What is meant by the term ‘broad spectrum antibiotics’ ? Explain.?
(class: 12th Std )    Chemistry

  Explain the term copolymerisation and give two examples?
(class: 12th Std )    Chemistry

  [NiCl4]2– is paramagnetic while [Ni(CO)4] is diamagnetic though both are tetrahedral. Why?
(class: 12th Std )    Chemistry

  Convert- (a) 2-Chlorobutane to 3, 4-dimethylhexane (b) 2-Methyl-1-propene to 2-chloro-2-methylpropane
(class: 12th Std )    Chemistry

  Explain the following about the transition elements- (a) Paramagnetic nature (b) Complex formation
(class: 12th Std )    Chemistry

  Write the chemistry of recharging the lead storage battery, highlighting all the materials that are involved during recharging.
(class: 12th Std )    Chemistry

  State Henry’s law and mention some important applications
(class: 12th Std )    Chemistry

  Silver forms ccp lattice and X-ray studies of its crystals show that the edge length of its unit cell is 408.6 pm. Calculate the density of silver (Atomic mass = 107.9 u)
(class: 12th Std )    Chemistry

  Explain how vacancies are introduced in an ionic solid when a cation of higher valence is added as an impurity in it
(class: 12th Std )    Chemistry

  What are the advantage of artificial sweeteners ?
(class: 12th Std )    Chemistry

  Write the formula of the monomer used in the coating of non-stick cook wares ?
(class: 12th Std )    Chemistry




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