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Science - Questions

CBSE 10th Grade Standard Questions

  What are two vital functions of the human kidney? Draw labeled diagram of human urinary system. Name the procedure used in the working of an artificial kidney.
(class: 10th Std )    Science

  Explain the double fertilization with the diagrams
(class: 10th Std )    Science

  Explain the digestion in humans.
(class: 10th Std )    Science

  What will be the sex of the child produced if a sperm carrying Y chromosome fertilizes the egg? Name an insect in which similar type of sex determination takes place.
(class: 10th Std )    Science

  Name the types of sex chromosomes present in (i) Human male and (ii) Human female
(class: 10th Std )    Science

  Write the effect of sympathetic nervous system on the following : i. Heart ii. Blood vessels iii. Bronchi
(class: 10th Std )    Science

  Nervous and the hormonal system together perform the function of the control and coordination in the humans. Justify the statement.
(class: 10th Std )    Science

  Name any two organs that are homologous to human hand. To which category of organs would you place wings of birds and wings of insects?
(class: 10th Std )    Science

  What is meant by homologous organs?
(class: 10th Std )    Science

  What are occupational diseases?
(class: 10th Std )    Science

  How many pairs of autosomes are there in human being.
(class: 10th Std )    Science

  A boy uses spectacles of focal length 50 cm. Name the defect of vision he is suffering from. Compute the power of this lens.
(class: 10th Std )    Science

  Explain Myopia with the help of suitable ray diagrams. How can this defect of vision be corrected ?
(class: 10th Std )    Science

  How is the conversion of iron into iron oxide prevented during the extraction of iron?
(class: 10th Std )    Science

  Describe the extraction of iron from the concentrated ore with the help of (i) a labelled diagram of the furnace used. (ii) necessary chemical equations representing the chemical changes occurring during the process.
(class: 10th Std )    Science

  Name the chief ore of iron. How is it concentrated?
(class: 10th Std )    Science

  Name the lightest element. Why is its presence in the free state in the earths atmosphere negligible? With a labelled diagram, describe how this element can be prepared in the laboratory. How is this element used in: a) Space programmes b) Oil industry?
(class: 10th Std )    Science

  distillation tower. Why is CNG considered an environment friendly fuel?
(class: 10th Std )    Science

  What is meant by the term refining of petroleum? Draw a labeled diagram of petroleum
(class: 10th Std )    Science

  Explain the structure of eye & briefly mention about its different diseases ?
(class: 10th Std )    Science

  Why are the images obtained from the Hubbles telescope is better than the telescopes from the ground?
(class: 10th Std )    Science

  An organic compound A is a constituent of wine and beer. This compound, on heating with potassium dichromate forms another organic compound B. Identify the compound A. Write the chemical equation of the reaction that takes place to form the compound B. Name the compound B.
(class: 10th Std )    Science

  Explain the preparation of washing soda by Solvay process ?
(class: 10th Std )    Science

  Describe an activity to show that ammonia is basic and is highly soluble in water.
(class: 10th Std )    Science

  Draw a flow diagram illustrating the principle used in the manufacture of ammonia by Haber process.
(class: 10th Std )    Science

  What is an alloy ? Write the composition of an alloy called bronze. Give two uses of bronze.
(class: 10th Std )    Science

  How do we locate the position of the pole star in the sky? Why is the pole star so special?
(class: 10th Std )    Science

  Distinguish between polar and equatorial orbits of artificial satellites. Which of the above two orbits is suitable for a (i) geostationary satellite (ii) satellite used for weather forecasting?
(class: 10th Std )    Science

  How is ethanol converted to ethanoic acid?
(class: 10th Std )    Science

  Name the compound formed when butanone is reduced. Which reducing agent is generally used in this process?
(class: 10th Std )    Science


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