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English - Questions

CBSE 10th Grade Standard Questions

  How has federal division of power in india helped national unity
(class: 10th Std )    English

  Imagine you are the narrator, now grown up. Write a letter to a friend describing about your growing up in the refugee camp and your determination to go back to your village?
(class: 10th Std )    English

  Reaching home in Bhubaneshwar after the partition of the property, Babuli feels calm and relieved. That night he makes a diary entry on his experiences in his village and what prompted him to pay the tribute to his brother. As Babuli, write the diary entry in 150 - 175 words.
(class: 10th Std )    English

  It was like the Butcher’s knife going to stone to sharpen itself. The story ‘The Tribute’ contains a number of references to the work of a butcher. Why does Babuli so often have these thoughts?
(class: 10th Std )    English

  “When we arrived we were like him — my first-born brother and I.” Describe the condition of the refugees in "The Ultimate Safari" when they first arrived at the refugee camp. Write your answer in 50 - 75 words.
(class: 10th Std )    English

  Do you think the title of the story ‘The Tribute’ is a suitable one? justify with instances ?
(class: 10th Std )    English

  Scrooge had everything he wanted but was always gloomy and bitter. Bob Crachit, his underpaid clerk, was cheerful and happy. Compare and contrast the characters of Scrooge and Crachit as they appear in the play, “A Christmas Carol”. Answer in about 75 words
(class: 10th Std )    English

  How do the superstitious villagers react when the narrator’s mother is stung by a scorpion ? Write your answer in 75 -100 words.
(class: 10th Std )    English

  Complete the following passage with one word in each blank. Write the correct answers against the correct blank numbers. Do not copy the whole sentences. :-One of the most significant pilgrim centres (a) __________________ the country, Varanasi, (b) _______________________ famous for its temples and ghats. It is located (c) _____________________ the river Ganges. The waterfront is decorated (d) ________________ hundreds of lovely ghats, (e) ___________________ city houses the famous Kasi Viswanath Temple. Pilgrims flock the ghats (f) _________________ the ritual bath. A popular belief is that (g)____________________ who die in Varanasi are liberated (h) ___________________ the cycle of birth and death.
(class: 10th Std )    English

  Atomic energy and technology has revolutionised life. It has developed in improving the quality of life in various spheres such as health, environment, agriculture eyc, Using your own ideas and ideas from the unit Science of MCB write a letter to the editor of a national daily in about 200 words about the improvements due to science and technology.
(class: 10th Std )    English

  The following is a telephonic conversation between Arun and Rakeshs mother. As she was leaving home she leaves a message for her son. Write the message in not more than 50 words. Arun : Can I speak to Rakesh ?Rakesh’s mother : Rakesh is not at home. He has gone for tuition and will be back only at 6 p.m.Arun : Can I leave a message ?Mother : Oh, sure.Arun : Please inform him that he has to stay back after class tomorrow for his
(class: 10th Std )    English

  You are Sumit/Sunita. You attended a science exhibition, "Self-sufficient India". Write a postcard to your friend, Amit, 21, D.H. Eoad, Chennai in not more than 50 words about the exhibits and how you were benefited by them. Copy the format given below and write the postcard in your answer sheet.
(class: 10th Std )    English




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