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10th Std Science What are biodegradable and non-biodegradable substances? Describe two ways in which non-biodegradable substances affect our environment.

10th Std Science What is double circulation in human beings? Why is it necessary?

10th Std Science Explain the cause of shoots of the plant bending towards light.

10th Std Science “The sex of the children is determined by what they inherit from their father and not the mother.” Justify.

10th Std Science “Variations that confer an advantage to an individual organism only will survive in a population.” Justify.

10th Std Science List any four changes you would like to incorporate in your life-style in a move towards a sustainable use of available resources in our country.

10th Std Science What kind of mirror — concave, convex or plane — would be best suited for use in a solar cooker? Why?

10th Std Science Why is ozone layer getting depleted at the higher levels of the atmosphere?

10th Std Science Why is the use of iodised salt advisable?

10th Std Science What is the role of saliva in the digestion of food?

10th Std Science (a) What is a homologous series? Give one example. (b) What will happen if ethanoic acid reacts with ethanol in the presence of an acid as a catalyst? Name the reaction. Write the chemical equation for this reaction. (c) Why are soaps ineffective in hard water?

10th Std Science (a) An electric bulb is rated as 50 W, 220 V. Calculate the energy consumed by the bulb in 20 minutes. Express your answer in commercial units of electric energy. (b) Distinguish between overloading and short circuiting in a domestic circuit. (c) Why is it essential to earth electrical appliances having metallic body?

10th Std Science An object 2 cm in size is placed 30 cm in front of a concave mirror of focal length 15 cm. At what distance from the mirror should a screen be placed in order to obtain a sharp image? What will be the nature and the size of the image formed? Draw a ray diagram to show the formation of the image in this case.

10th Std Science Give reason of the following : (a) Gold and silver are used to make jewellery. (b) Carbonate and sulphide ores are usually converted into oxides prior to reduction during the process of extraction.

10th Std Science Draw the pattern of magnetic field lines around a straight conductor carrying electric current. Apply right-hand thumb rule to mark the direction of magnetic field.

10th Std Science A compound ‘X’ of sodium is commonly used in kitchen for making crispy pakoras. It is also used for curing acidity in the stomach. Identify‘X’. What is its chemical formula? State the reaction which takes place when it is heated during cooking.

10th Std Science Two wires of equal length, one of copper and the other of manganin (an alloy) have the same thickness. Which one can be used for (i) electrical transmission lines (ii) electrical heating devices? Why?

10th Std Science Two solutions A and B have pH values of 5 and 8 respectively. Which solution will be basic in nature?

10th Std Science Light enters from air into glass having refractive index 1.50. The speed of light in vacuum is 3.0 × 108 ms–1. What will its speed in glass be?

10th Std Science Which of the following two metals will melt at body temperature (37° C)? Gallium, Magnesium, Caesium, Aluminium.

10th Std Science Differentiate between aerobic respiration and anaerobic respiration. After vigorous exercise, athletes and players generally experience cramps in their leg muscles. Why?

10th Std Science Draw a diagram to show excretory system in human beings and label on it the following: Aorta, Vena Cava Name the excretory unit of kidney.

10th Std Science (a) Draw a diagram to show the human alimentary canal and label on it the following : Gall bladder, stomach Name the longest part of the alimentary canal. (b) Why is it necessary to separate oxygenated and deoxygenated blood in mammals and birds?

10th Std Science What is meant by sustainable management? The environmentalists are insisting upon sustainable natural resources management”. State its four advantages.

10th Std Science The human beings who look so different from each other in terms of colour, size and looks are said to belong to the same species. Why? Justify your answer.

10th Std Science What are biodegradable and non-biodegradable substances? Select two biodegradable pollutants from the following: Agricultural waste, glass, plastic, sewage, DDT

10th Std Science Draw a schematic diagram of a biogas plant and label on it the following: (a) Digester (b) Gas tank

10th Std Science In a solar cooker, the following arrangements are made. Write one function of each arrangement. (a) The box is made of insulating material such as plastic or wood. (b) The inner walls of the box are painted black. (c) The box is covered with a transparent glass sheet. (d) A plane mirror is hinged at an angle at the top of the box.

10th Std Science What is reproduction? What are its two types? Which one of the two confers new characteristics on the offsprings and how?

10th Std Science Write the name and functions of any two parts of the human hind brain.

10th Std Science What is meant by renewable natural resources?

10th Std Science State the method used for growing rose plants

10th Std Science Name the gland which secretes growth hormones

10th Std Science (a) With the help of a diagram describe in brief an activity to show that a magnetic field is produced by a current carrying circular coil. Draw a diagram to show the pattern of the magnetic field lines in this case. (b) State the function of the earth wire in domestic electric circuits. Why is the metallic body of an electric appliance connected to the earth wire? Write the colour used for insulation of the earth wire.

10th Std Science When is an electric circuit said to be overloaded? State two measures to avoid it. What name is given to a situation in which the live and the neutral wires accidentally come in contact? State the role a safety device may play in this situation.

10th Std Science (a) What is meant by corrosion? Name any two methods used for the prevention of corrosion. (b) Suppose you have to extract metal M from its enriched sulphide ore. If M is in the middle of the reactivity series write various steps used in extracting this metal.

10th Std Science (a) What is a reactivity series? Describe an activity to develop a reactivity series. (b) Write two physical and two chemical properties of non-metals.

10th Std Science What is ethanol? Draw the structure of ethanol molecule. How does ethanol behave with the following : (a) Sodium (b) Excess of conc. sulphuric acid at 443 K Write chemical equation for each reaction.

10th Std Science Name the products formed in each case when. (a) hydrochloric acid reacts with caustic soda. (b) granulated zinc reacts with caustic soda. (c) carbon dioxide is passed into lime water.

10th Std Science Give reasons for the following. (i) The sun appears reddish at sunrise or sunset. (ii) The sky appears dark instead of blue to an astronaut.

10th Std Science A student sitting at the back of a class is not able to see what is written on the blackboard. He however, sees it clearly when sitting on the front seat at an approximate distance of 1·5 m from the blackboard. Draw ray diagrams to illustrate the image formation of the blackboard writing by his eye-lens when he is seated at the (i) back seat (ii) front seat.

10th Std Science State Mendeleev’s periodic law. Write two achievements of Mendeleev’s periodic table

10th Std Science When magnesium ribbon burns in air or oxygen a product is formed. State the type of chemical reaction and name the product formed in the reaction. Write balanced chemical equation of this reaction.

10th Std Science Name any two appliances which are based on the application of heating effect of electric current.

10th Std Science State the first limitation of Mendeleev’s periodic table

10th Std Science Curd is not kept in copper and brass utensils. Why?

10th Std Science Two resistors of 20 ohm and 30 ohm are connected in series to a battery of 4·5 V. How do the values of electric current passing through them compare?

10th Std Science Draw sectional view of the human heart and label on it the following chambers: (i) Left atrium (ii) Right atrium (iii) Left ventricle (iv) Right ventricle State one function of each chamber in a tabular form.

10th Std Science What is meant by breathing? What happens to the rate of breathing during vigorous exercise and why?

10th Std Science Define translocation with respect to transport in plants. Why is it essential for plants? Where in plants are the following synthesised: (i) Sugar (ii) Hormone

10th Std Science What is meant by exploitation of resources with short term aims? List its four advantages.

10th Std Science Distinguish between acquired and inherited traits giving one example of each. Why are traits acquired during the lifetime of an individual not inherited?

10th Std Science How is ozone formed in the upper atmosphere? Why is the damage of ozone layer a cause of concern to us? State a cause of this damage.

10th Std Science Name the major component of biogas. List two main advantages of using biogas over fossil fuels.

10th Std Science List four advantages of using solar cells.

10th Std Science Name the information source of making proteins in the cell. State two basic events in reproduction.

10th Std Science Draw a diagram of a nerve cell (neuron) and label on it the following: (a) Nucleus (b) Dendrites

10th Std Science What are the two kinds of natural resources?

10th Std Science Mention the mode of reproduction used by (a) Amoeba (b) Planaria

10th Std Science A young green plant receives sunlight from one direction only. What will happen to its shoots and roots?

10th Std Science What is a solenoid? Draw a labelled diagram to show the use of a current carrying solenoid to magnetise a steel rod. What is the nature of magnetic field lines inside a solenoid? What do these lines indicate?

10th Std Science What is an electric fuse? What result do you expect if someone operates an electric heater of power rating 2 kW, 220 V in a domestic electric circuit (220 V) that has a fuse of current rating of 5 A? Justify your answer.

10th Std Science List two precautions which should be observed for the safety of the user and to avoid short circuiting in domestic circuits.

10th Std Science State right hand thumb rule for finding the direction of magnetic field associated with a current carrying conductor. Draw a labelled diagram to show the experimental set-up for demonstrating the rule. Mark the directions of the current and the associated magnetic field on the diagram.

10th Std Science (a) What is an alloy? How does it differ from an amalgam? (b) Name the method most widely used for refining impure metals. (c) Draw a labelled diagram to show the refining of copper.

10th Std Science (a) What are ionic compounds? List any four physical properties of these compounds. (b) What reaction happens when manganese dioxide is heated with aluminium powder? In which physical state is the metal produced in this reaction and why?

10th Std Science Soap does not work well with hard water. Name the class of compounds which can be used as cleansing agents in place of soap. Write the name of one such compound. Explain in brief the echanism of its cleansing action when used in hard water.

10th Std Science State the name and function of the acid produced in our stomach. What remedy would you suggest to a person suffering from indigestion, pain and irritation in the stomach? Name the main ingredient of this remedy and state its function.

10th Std Science Why does the sky look blue on a clear sunny day? Explain.

10th Std Science State two main properties of elements on which Mendeleev’s periodic classification was based. Why could no fixed position be assigned to hydrogen in his periodic table?

10th Std Science Write an expression for the heat produced H in time t in a heater of resistance R which is carrying a current I.

10th Std Science Two resistors of 10 Ohms and 15 Ohms are connected in series to a battery of 6 V. How do the values of current passing through them compare?

10th Std Science Lithium, sodium and potassium form a Dobereiner’s triad. The atomic masses of lithium and potassium are 7 and 39 respectively. Predict the atomic mass of sodium.

10th Std Science Name the carbon compound which on heating with excess of concentrated sulphuric acid at 443 K gives ethene.

10th Std Science Which gas is evolved when sodium hydrogen carbonate reacts with dilute hydrochloric acid?

10th Std Social Studies What are fundamental rights of Indian citizen?

10th Std Social Studies Explain About PREAMBLE?

10th Std Social Studies What role can the government play in making globalization ‘fair’?

10th Std Social Studies Name two formal and two informal sources of rural credit in India. State Any two advantages of former source of credit.

10th Std Social Studies What are the characteristics of Unorganized sectors? How can the workers in the Unorganized sector be protected?

10th Std Social Studies Explain any two challenges of Democracy.

10th Std Social Studies What are Pressure groups? Discuss the forms of relationship between Political parties and Pressure group?

10th Std Social Studies What forms does Communalism takes in Politics? Discuss with four examples.

10th Std Social Studies Write three characteristics of Regur soil. Where are these Soil found in India?

10th Std Social Studies Mention three uses of Water transport. Name the places connected by National waterway no. 1.

10th Std Social Studies What are the factors responsible for location of Jute mills in Hughli basin? Mention two advantages offered by Jute.

10th Std Social Studies Briefly trace the process of Unification of Germany.

10th Std Social Studies What was Ho chi minh trail and how it was used by the Vietnamese?

10th Std Social Studies Explain any three rights of consumers as enriched in the consumer protection act of 1986.

10th Std Social Studies Explain the terms : (1) Infant Mortality Rate (2) Literacy Rate (3) Net Attendance Ratio

10th Std Social Studies Describe the model adopted by Belgium for Power sharing.

10th Std Social Studies Write three major steps that were taken towards Decentralization in the constitution Amendment Act of 1993

10th Std Social Studies How did the novels produced a sense of Pan-Indian belonging?

10th Std Social Studies What conditions have been put forward by the historians to prove that Print culture created conditions within which the French revolution occurred?

10th Std Social Studies What forms of entertainment came up in 19th century England to provide leisure activities for the people?

10th Std Social Studies How did East India company try to assert a monopoly right to trade?

10th Std Social Studies How did India play a crucial role in the late nineteenth century world economy?

10th Std Social Studies Read the extract and answer the questions that follows: "Communalism in its higher aspect, then, is indispensable to the formation of a harmonious whole in a country like India. The units of Indian society are not territorial as in European countries … The principle of European democracy cannot be applied to India without recognising the fact of communal groups. The Muslim demand for the creation of a Muslim India within India is, therefore, perfectly justified… (a) Name the speaker and the organization he is heading.(b) What is the speaker trying to justify?(c) What demand arising in later years found an intellectual justification in the above remarks?

10th Std Social Studies What are the symbols of natonalism that gave collective identity to the people of India

10th Std Social Studies Which day is observed as National consumers day and why?

10th Std Social Studies Why is Per capita income for all countries calculated in the same currency?

10th Std Social Studies What are Feminist movements?

10th Std Social Studies Give the ethnic composition of Brussels.

10th Std Social Studies What is the difference of financial investment between the small scale and Large scale industry?

10th Std Social Studies Give two main differences between Magnetite and Haemetite.

10th Std Social Studies Name the problem that has seriously threatened the Buxa Tiger reserves in West Bengal.

10th Std Social Studies Why are leguminous crops mostly grown in relation with other crops?

10th Std Social Studies What was Meyeli?

10th Std Social Studies Who proclaimed : Tremble therefore, tyrants of the world! Tremble before the virtual writer!

10th Std Social Studies What was Bloody Sunday?

10th Std Social Studies Where and When was the Elgin Mill started?

10th Std Social Studies Name the fabled South American city of Gold.

10th Std Mathematics From a window h metres above the ground of a house in a street, the angle of elevation and depression of the top and the foot of another house on the opposite side of the street are A and B respectively. Show that the height of the opposite house is h(1 + tan A cot B ).

10th Std Mathematics Prove that the ratio of the areas of two similar triangles is equal to the ratio of squares of their correspond sides.Using the above, prove the following : the diagonal of a trapezium ABCD with AB||DC intersects each other at the point O. If AB = 2CD, find the ratio of the area of triangle AOB to the area of triangle COD

10th Std Mathematics A container shaped like a right circular cylinder having diameter 12 cm and height 15 cm is full of ice cream. The ice cream is to be filled into cones of height 12 cm and diameter 6 cm, having a hemispherical shape on the top. Find the number of such cones which can be filled with ice cream, also find the silver paper required to cover each ice cream cone.

10th Std Mathematics In a flight of 600 km an aircraft was slowed down due to bad weather. Its average speed for the trip was reduced by 200 km/h and the time of flight increased by 30 minutes. Find the duration of the flight.

10th Std Mathematics In ABC, right angle at B. AD and CF are the two medians drawn from A and C, if AC = 5 cm and AD = ( 3v5) / 2 cm, find the length of CE

10th Std Mathematics A two digit number is such that product of its digits is 18, when 63 is subtracted from the number, the digits interchange their places. Find the number.

10th Std Mathematics Find the ratio in which the point P( m, 6 ) divides the join of A( - 4, 3 ) and B ( 2, 8 ). Also find the value of m.

10th Std Mathematics Which term of an A.P 3, 10, 17…………. will be 84 more than its 13th term?

10th Std Mathematics Two circles of radii 2 cm and 3 cm with their centres 7 cm apart. Draw the tangents from the centre of each circle to the other circle.

10th Std Mathematics Find the area of the minor and major segment of a circle, given that the central angle is 600 and radius of the circle is 14 cm.

10th Std Mathematics A bag contains 50 balls bearing 1, 2, 3,………., 49, 50. A ball is drawn at random from the bag. Find the probability that the number on the ball is :(a.) not divisible by 5 (b.) divisible by 7 or 11.

10th Std Mathematics Show that v3 is irrational.

10th Std Mathematics If the zeroes of the polynomial x3 – 3x2 + x + 1 are a – b, a and a + b, find the value of a and b.

10th Std Mathematics A circle touches all the four sides of a quadrilateral ABCD. Prove that AB + CD = BC + DA.

10th Std Mathematics Find the ratio in which the line 2x + 3y – 30 = 0 divides the line segment joining the points ( 3, 4 ) and ( 7, 8). Find also the coordinates of the point of section.

10th Std Mathematics In ABC,angle ACB = 90 and CD perpend. AB. Prove that CB2 : CA2 = BD : AD.

10th Std Mathematics Find the discriminant of the equation 3x¬2 – 2x + 1/3 = 0 and hence find the nature of its roots. Find them, if they are real.

10th Std Mathematics Find the value of m so that m+2, 4m–6 and 3m– 2 are three consecutive terms of an A.P.

10th Std Mathematics A bag contains 4 white, 3 red and 2 black balls. A ball is drawn at random from the bag. Find the probability that it is not a white ball.

10th Std Mathematics From a point Q, the length of the tangent to a circle is 12 cm and the distance of Q from the centre of circle is 13cm. Find the diameter of the circle.

10th Std Mathematics A sphere of radius 10.5 cm is melted and then recast into smaller cones of radius 3.5 cm and height 3 cm. find the number of cones.

10th Std Mathematics Find Emperical formula for finding the mode.

10th Std Mathematics In ABC, DE||BC, AD:DB = 1.5cm:3cm and AE=1 cm , find EC.

10th Std Mathematics If Tan A = ¾ and A+B = 90, then what is the value of Cot B?

10th Std Mathematics For what value of k for which the pair of linear equations 10x + 5y = ( k – 5 ) and 20x + 10y = k have infinitely many solutions.

10th Std Mathematics The sum and product of the zeroes of the quadratic polynomial are – ½ and – 3. What is the quadratic polynomial?

10th Std Mathematics Is number 5 x 3 x 17 + 17 a prime number?

10th Std English Imagine you are the narrator, now grown up. Write a letter to a friend describing about your growing up in the refugee camp and your determination to go back to your village?

10th Std English Reaching home in Bhubaneshwar after the partition of the property, Babuli feels calm and relieved. That night he makes a diary entry on his experiences in his village and what prompted him to pay the tribute to his brother. As Babuli, write the diary entry in 150 - 175 words.

10th Std English It was like the Butcher’s knife going to stone to sharpen itself. The story ‘The Tribute’ contains a number of references to the work of a butcher. Why does Babuli so often have these thoughts?

10th Std English “When we arrived we were like him — my first-born brother and I.” Describe the condition of the refugees in "The Ultimate Safari" when they first arrived at the refugee camp. Write your answer in 50 - 75 words.

10th Std English Do you think the title of the story ‘The Tribute’ is a suitable one? justify with instances ?

10th Std English Scrooge had everything he wanted but was always gloomy and bitter. Bob Crachit, his underpaid clerk, was cheerful and happy. Compare and contrast the characters of Scrooge and Crachit as they appear in the play, “A Christmas Carol”. Answer in about 75 words

10th Std English How do the superstitious villagers react when the narrator’s mother is stung by a scorpion ? Write your answer in 75 -100 words.

10th Std English Complete the following passage with one word in each blank. Write the correct answers against the correct blank numbers. Do not copy the whole sentences. :-One of the most significant pilgrim centres (a) __________________ the country, Varanasi, (b) _______________________ famous for its temples and ghats. It is located (c) _____________________ the river Ganges. The waterfront is decorated (d) ________________ hundreds of lovely ghats, (e) ___________________ city houses the famous Kasi Viswanath Temple. Pilgrims flock the ghats (f) _________________ the ritual bath. A popular belief is that (g)____________________ who die in Varanasi are liberated (h) ___________________ the cycle of birth and death.

10th Std English Atomic energy and technology has revolutionised life. It has developed in improving the quality of life in various spheres such as health, environment, agriculture eyc, Using your own ideas and ideas from the unit Science of MCB write a letter to the editor of a national daily in about 200 words about the improvements due to science and technology.

10th Std English The following is a telephonic conversation between Arun and Rakeshs mother. As she was leaving home she leaves a message for her son. Write the message in not more than 50 words. Arun : Can I speak to Rakesh ?Rakesh’s mother : Rakesh is not at home. He has gone for tuition and will be back only at 6 p.m.Arun : Can I leave a message ?Mother : Oh, sure.Arun : Please inform him that he has to stay back after class tomorrow for his

10th Std English You are Sumit/Sunita. You attended a science exhibition, "Self-sufficient India". Write a postcard to your friend, Amit, 21, D.H. Eoad, Chennai in not more than 50 words about the exhibits and how you were benefited by them. Copy the format given below and write the postcard in your answer sheet.

10th Std Science Enlist all the functions of the blood and also give its composition:

10th Std Science Why sun is called the ultimate source of energy?

10th Std Science List the advantages of vegetative reproduction?

10th Std Science What are the ill effects of hormonal pills and copper T?

10th Std Science What is a trait? Who contributes to the traits present in a child? How many copies of traits are present in every individual? What is the manner in which a trait is inherited and expressed in an organism?

10th Std Science In which form are the metabolic wastes generated in the human body? How does the body get rid of them?

10th Std Science What role do enzymes play in nutrition?

10th Std Science Define biodiversity. Why is it important to conserve biodiversity?

10th Std Science Maximum energy is found at which trophic level? What is the status of energy at tertiary consumer level?

10th Std Science A potted plant is kept in a black coloured cardboard with a hole on one side. Which type of growth will it show? Name the hormone responsible for it.

10th Std Science Solar energy is the indirect source of wind energy and hydro energy. Explain how?

10th Std Science (i) What is an electrical fuse? Give the principle on which it works? (ii) What is meant by rating of a fuse? (iii) Why should a fuse of proper rating be used?

10th Std Science A number of bulbs are to be connected to a single source. Will they provide more illumination if connected in parallel or in series?

10th Std Science Draw a diagram showing refraction of light through a rectangular glass slab. What is lateral displacement? How does it depend on thickness of glass slab and angle of incidence?

10th Std Science State second law of refraction of light.

10th Std Science Name some organic compounds with different functional groups containing oxygen. Show how they have been derived from the simplest saturated hydrocarbon. Also mention the specific functional group present.

10th Std Science Name the simplest saturated hydrocarbon.

10th Std Science Define saturated hydrocarbons. What is the other name given to it?

10th Std Science The electronic configuration of an atom X is (2, 8, 7). It combines with another atom Y having one electron in the outermost shell. (a) What type of bond will be formed between X and Y? (b) Write the formula of the compound formed. (c) Is it soluble in water? Why?

10th Std Science Will it be soluble in water? Support your answer with reason.

10th Std Science Show using electron dot structural formula, the formation of compound—MgCl2.

10th Std Science What are ionic compounds? How are they formed?

10th Std Science Convert the following statement into balanced chemical equations.(a) Hydrogen gas combines with nitrogen to form ammonia.(b) Hydrogen sulphide gas burns in air to give water and sulphur dioxide.(c) Potassium metal reacts with water to give potassium hydroxide and hydrogen gas.

10th Std Science An electron enters a magnetic field at right angles to it as shown in the figure alongside. Determine the direction of force acting on the electron whether on the page or out of the page.

10th Std Science A 16 Q resistance wire is doubled on it. Calculate the new resistance of the wire.

10th Std Science Watching the sunset on a beach, one can see the sun for two minutes after it has actually set, explain.

10th Std Science An object is placed at a distance of 25 cm from a spherical mirror and its image is formed behind the mirror at a distance of 5 cm. Find the focal length of the mirror. Is the mirror concave or convex in nature? Give one use of identified mirror.

10th Std Science Two wires A and B of the same metal have the same area of cross-section and have their lengths in the ratio 2:1. What will be the ratio of currents flowing through them when same potential difference is applied across length of each of the wire?

10th Std Science Give an industrial application of addition reaction.

10th Std Science Distinguish between: (Give chemical reactions)Oxidation and Combustion.

10th Std Science Distinguish between: (Give chemical reactions)Esterification and Saponification.

10th Std Science On the basis of the atomic structure, how the first and the last element of a period in the periodic table is determined?

10th Std Science Which of the following lenses would you prefer to use while reading small letters found in a dictionary?(a) A convex lens of focal length 50 cm(b) A concave lens of focal length 50 cm(c) A convex lens of focal length 5 cm(d) A concave lens of focal length 5 cm

10th Std Science What is variable resistance? Which device is used to change resistance in a circuit?

10th Std Science Give structural formulae of the simplest (i) alkene, and (ii) alkyne.

10th Std Science Why does an aqueous solution of acid conduct electricity?

10th Std mathematics what is GCD?

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